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Posted by Jvc hk on September 29th, 2015

Operating business in Hong Kong is really easy and unforced, but there are certain laws, which one needs to pursue so to operate business smoothly without facing anything, detrimental and hazardous in Hong Kong. Companies Ordinance (Cap. 32) of the Laws of Hong Kong specifies that a business entity needs to have a company secretary and that secretary should reside in Hong Kong. Now if the person is not residing in Hong Kong and he belongs to the corporate body then it is needed to have their registered office in Hong Kong. Now the Company secretary needs to perform number of duties and among all their Company Secretary Jobs, the company secretary has to ensure that the company is operating in conformity with the statutory requirements of the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and duly maintaining the statutory records and books. Now if you are thinking about playing the role of a company secretary, well, you are not allowed to especially when you are the sole director or the shareholder. So if you are seeking assistance of an agency to provide you full secretary service, you will find JV Consultants Limited worth paying attention.
Now concentrating on company secretarial services, JV Consultants Limited will be providing one all embracing Company Secretary Service  which starts from looking over legal liability of the company to performing other duties. The secretary will be entrusted with the duty to make declaration about the significant organization structure, if requires the secretary is needed to inform the Companies House about the changes which has occurred of lately with respect to the shareholders and directors, when there is any meeting to occur among the Board of Directors the secretary prepares the agenda. The secretary is needed to be equipped in all the relevant statutory ordinances, he should be able to provide professional advisory service and he should be having this provision all the while .

JV Consultants Limited is one Corporation Service Company, which offers full range of dedicated Company secretary service to clients.  The agency is committed to minimize all the uncertainties, equally respond to the doubts if the company is having any. Whether it is related to laws or meeting statutory requirements or forming any other company strategy JV Consultants Limited is known for providing all the answers and relevant services that matter most for the company. This agency is aware of all up-to-date relevant corporate laws together with regulations; known the strategies of conducting analysis and what impacts the company is likely to face in coming days. JV Consultants Limited helps individuals to initiate their incorporate company in Hong Kong, help you to maintain records and register of shareholders. Arranging meetings to submitting statutory documents, which includes annual return form as well. this agency makes sure that in due time registration certificate gets renewed, from opening bank accounts to preparing closing documents, JV Consultants Limited ensures everything so smoothly that you don’t have to be bothered of anything while you are out to set Hong Kong incorporation.

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