Guides to Prepare For The Coming Of Abyssal Sire And Gain osrs gold And XP

Posted by nash john on September 29th, 2015

Abyssal Sire is going to be released after waiting for a long time. It seems that all RS 07 players are excited about the coming of the new boss. In order to kill the boss smoothly, it is very necessary for you to gather enough osrs gold ahead. If your bank in need of money at present, you should consider buying cheap RS 2007 gold on RSorder.

Prepare your OSRS Gold Ready for Abyssal Sire And Deadman Mode

Finally,?Abyssal Sire will be released in October. After waiting for a long time, RS 07 players are all excited about the coming of the new boss. Coincidentally, Deadman Mode also is going to be released in early October. It seems that you are going to have a busy October. In order to ensure you can make the most of these two updates, you can buy cheap OSRS Gold on RSorder.

It is said that the arcane price may be rising as it will be maged. It can be wise for you to invest in mage and range gear just in case.

Have you tried the DarkScape already? It is believed that Deadman mode will be more challenging than DarkScape.

more details:

Abyssal sire’s mechanics and information

1.85 slayer, task needed. 
2.More than one combat style needed to slay it.
3.Shoots minions out of itself.
4.3 phases having different stages and things to do.
5.More than one demon you will be able to interact.
6.Just like Cerberus, there are three rooms with bosses.
7.Both weapon drops will degrade and will be repairable with an unknown item.

Prepare magic gear to kill the boss

Abyssal Demons are weak to slash and magic, so it is wise for you to prepare magic gear to kill the new boss. Besides, it is also very necessary for you to invest in range gear just in case. You see, the lowest slayer requirement slayer boss is the most challenging one. If you have extra money, you should have useful weapons in your inventory to help you kill the boss. You can buy cheap OSRS gold on RSorder so that you can prepare the useful weapons in the game.

Kill the boss to gain faster XP

Abyssal Sire is the hardest boss of all three slayer bosses, so it can be quite challenging to kill the boss. If your character is not strong enough to kill the boss, you can get close to the slay abyssal demons for faster XP. Once the boss released, there will be many player here to kill the boss, and you should take action a little later after it released. In order to make your game smooth and easy, you can buy cheap RS 2007 gold from RSorder.

Once you killed Abyssal Sire, you will get Abyssal Bludgeon and Abyssal Dagger. Abyssal Sire will be released on October 1st. Yes, there is no much time left to prepare for the fight with the boss. If you need RS 2007 gold, take your time to buy cheap OSRS gold on RSorder. Currently, up to 8% Gold Bonus Event available on RSorder. You can get some extra RS gold bonus as long as you buy OSRS gold over 10 M.


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