Insider Tips For Buying Home Heating Propane Solution

Posted by ThompsonGas on September 29th, 2015

A reliable heating system is one of the most important choices you must make for your home. Make sure to consider propane, which offers many benefits in terms of savings and reliability. Propane is one of the most versatile and economical fuels, making it a perfect option for homes. You can use it to heat your home, power clothes dryers, cook your meals as well as for heating your swimming pool. If you are thinking of buying a home heating propane solution, these insider tips should help make the process easier:

* Consider a gas fireplace - Designer fireplace inserts are a great investment because they can last a long time and add more value to your home. Moreover, they are easier to clean and maintain than a regular fireplace, and they come in a wide range of designs to complement your home's interior.

* Propane boilers – Select a modern propane boiler that is rated with 90 percent efficiency to reduce your energy consumption by up to one third. This type of boiler produces fewer emissions than petroleum boilers.

* Choose a propane heater - The US Department of Energy reported that heating a home with propane can be up to 50 percent cheaper than when you use electricity. A furnace that runs on propane can last about five to 10 years longer than an electric heat pump. You can use a propane heater even during power outages, and they heat up much quickly than an electric heater.

* Tankless water heating - A propane Energy Star-qualified tankless water heater has high-efficiency levels at 83 to 94 percent. Moreover, it costs approximately 60 percent less to operate compared to a conventional electric water tank. On top f that, a propane water heater can deliver a continuous flow of hot water.

* The size of your home - A propane heater with a fan is recommended for heating large areas.

* Features to consider - Propane heating solutions typically require a higher initial investment, and you will need to make sure that there is enough ventilation in your home.

* Propane distributor - Get in touch with a reputable local propane distributor. Some of the best propane companies can give advice on which gas grill, propane fireplace, or space heaters are best for your home and your budget. You can count on these distributors to supply the fuel, too. Pick a company that has more than six decades of experience in providing propane to your community.

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This article was written by ThompsonGas. The 16th largest retail propane company in the U.S., ThompsonGas has been family owned and operated since 1946. The propane gas dealer provides cheap propane for residential and commercial propane gas service to customers across 10 states in the East and Southeast.

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