Food Truck: Fresh Food on Table, Delivering from Kitchen

Posted by Mr. Afridi on May 20th, 2021

Logistics is a part of a complex operation. It is the area of management that deals with the supply chain. It controls and looks after the efficient forward and reverse flow of goods and services from the place of origin to the point of consumption.

Many companies around the world have come up with the idea of providing logistic services. This business requires needs capital machinery of good scarier. Along with the vehicle, road permits are also required for travelling interstate or sometimes beyond the national boundaries. Many businesses might not be able to invest in machinery right in the beginning. They mostly go for the renting option.

Food Transport Vehicles

Along with the advancement of technology, acquiring any item from a distance has become quite easy and therefore, for delivering these products from one part of the country to another, the carrier vehicle should also be well equipped. Hot food trucks, chiller vans, refrigerated trucks and catering trucks are examples of advanced vehicles providing better logistic service.

Manufacturer of food transporting vehicles mainly targets the businesses like hotels, restaurants, home delivery service providers that concern with supplying food to hospitals, canteens, airport etc. These business concerns need to provide quick doorstep delivery of food.

Food items need carrier trucks with different facilities depending on whether it is raw or cooked. Perishable raw food items like meat and fish or vegetables require a chiller van which would prevent them from rotting. Again, bakery items like cakes or any dairy products require refrigerated trucks that would stop them from melting. Similarly, for delivering cooked food, hot food trucks are required that prevents the foods from cooling down before delivering.

Hot Food Trucks

Hot food trucks serve the purpose of doorstep delivery of cooked food to various forms of businesses. These trucks are designed with variable seating arrangements so that support staffs with the prepared meals can also travel. The large trays can be handle by sliding in and out and loading and unloading the truck can be done from the rear part of the vehicle.

In few cases, these hot food trucks can also help with cold food because of the insulating facility. These trucks have inbuilt cooling and heating enclosures in the cargo area of the van. As an additional advantage, the seats of the truck can be removed providing unlimited flexibility for various other potential uses. The flooring of few food trucks is seen as wooden.

Hot food trucks are very much demanded in catering food services to hospitals, parties, gatherings, any sort of events etc. For delivering any kind of food items like confectionery, drinks, cookies, curries, cuisine dishes etc, the catering business requires food trucks where they can control the temperature. Food truck sellers also provide an option for Hot Food Truck for Rent, in case any business is facing a shortage of capital.

Other Food Transporting Vehicle

Food trucks are available in various other options as well. For example, cold truck, cold vans, hot vans, freezer truck, box truck, box vans etc. All these varieties of food trucks help to serve the customers hot food and fresh food, especially in emergency needs. The advanced motor mechanisms installed allow the truck to reach the location just on time.

All the vehicles are equipped with enough space, steel containers, sliding trays and proper shelves with enough gaps in between. The interior of the van is lit up with LED lights. The vehicle in its surrounding has switchable LED top lights. Every kind of trucks is available with three refrigerators in the driver\'s cabin. One of them has a warm compartment.

Not only this, but the vehicles also have devices of radio and mp3 player with the speaker. Again the speakers have a Bluetooth connection which facilitates the driver to speak to the customer in transit. The food trucks operate autonomously with the help of a built-in generator. Also, the food trucks are provided with a 10-meter cable for enabling an external power supply.

The fuel consumption in the food trucks is about 2 litres per hour which let the vehicle run for about 2 hours. Also for safety, these food trucks have 25-litre tanks for collecting clean and wastewaters.

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