5 situations where a medical lawsuit attorney can help

Posted by edwardselderlaw on May 20th, 2021

With increasing cases of medical negligence by professionals, the need for qualified medical lawsuit attorneys have increased. In many cases the victim remains oblivious that any medical error has happened. Late realization coupled with no compensation, many victims are left to suffer. To know better when and how to detect that a medical error has occurred, here is a short list of common malpractices that will need a medical lawsuit attorney:

 Incorrect diagnosis of a disease

To be categorized as misdiagnosed, a doctor should be charged with failure in diagnosing the actual illness. When a doctor incorrectly states that the patient has no illness, or the doctor has diagnosed the patient with a condition he or she does not have, it comes under misdiagnosis. It is a serious medical malpractice that prevents the patient from receiving the right treatment.

 Delayed Diagnosis

When a doctor can make an inaccurate diagnosis initially, the individual finally receives the right, reliable diagnosis. If the medical health worsens as a result of the delay in evaluation, the doctor is eligible for delayed diagnosis. A case of delayed diagnosis may be reported if a doctor fails to identify the correct signs of a disease using X-rays or CT scans.

  Inability to Treat

Sometimes a doctor arrives at the right diagnosis but fails to administer the needed treatment. Such situations may constitute malpractice known as failure to treat.this situations occur when doctors are treating too many patients at the same time. This is also commonly known as “putting profits over safety” which is unacceptable from a medical surrogate

 Surgical Errors

Surgical errors are the most commonly occurred and most reported malpractice. This includes:

Ø Performing the incorrect procedure

Ø Performing wrong surgery which is not needed

Ø Damaging organs, nerves, or tissues while performing surgery

Ø Administering an incorrect amount of anesthesia

Ø Using non-sterile surgical instruments

Ø Leaving medical equipment inside the patient

Ø Providing inadequate care after surgery

Surgical errors can ruin a patient’s quality of life and ,in some cases, can cause death.

 Birth Injury

Birth accidents are amongst the most serious forms of medical negligence. This covers any harm done to the mother or even the baby during childbirth. The birth injury includes any neglect or mistreatment of the infant after birth, such as at the hospital or in critical condition. Such birth injuries could endanger the lives of the baby or perhaps the mother under certain situations.

If you or any loved ones of yours have suffered or have been a victim of any of these malpractices, find a ‘healthcare lawyer near me’ on Google immediately.

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