How Safe is Intraday Trading?

Posted by Traders Gurukul on May 20th, 2021

As the word "Intraday" suggests, the trade which is executed and squared off within the same day is known as "Intraday Trading". A beginner might get lured to earn good profits within the same day but as much as it may seem attractive, it has a high risk associated with it. This is why all good share market courses do not recommend beginners to dive into intraday trading. You need to have a lot of experience, dedication, and learning to be able to make quick decisions and discipline yourself for intraday trading.

Tricks to rule your intraday trades

• Being a beginner, look for good share market courses to learn about the technicalities of the market. It should be done to establish a basic foundation and be familiar with market terminologies.

• Be active from the opening till the closing time of the market because every minute matters.

• Analyze the movement in your favorite stocks after the closure of the market to find the opportunity for the next business day.

• Follow the technical and financial data of the stocks that are there on your watchlist.

• Do not invest in low-value stocks because they do not have liquidity.

• Focus on the number of stocks you can follow online. With such a volatile market, it gets extremely difficult to keep track of more than 1-2 stocks and execute orders on time.

• Whenever you enter into a trade, determine the price at which the position needs to be squared off. This ensures that you don't miss the target profit when the market is on the upside.

• Only allot 15-20% of the stocks in your portfolio for intraday trading.

• Keep a track of the stocks of companies with good financial records or who are about to make a good announcement in the future.

• Pre-determine and apply stop loss for safe trades.

• Be connected to other experienced traders in your share market courses or join the traders' network to exchange views and ideas about the market.

• After thorough study and experience, make your strategy and do not look for different strategies because it might drain out your entire trading capital.

• Always work out on the risk to reward ratio for the trade you wish to do, so that you know if the trade is worth the risk or no. It is better to dive into a successful trade instead of getting greedy and running after more profits if the market is an upside.

• Don't trade more than your capacity because of high volatility there is a chance to lose everything you have invested.

• If you incur a loss in the trade, don't panic and try to recover the loss by desperately entering into other trades. It will always lead to more loss without even a penny recovered.

Two Mantras to sustain in the market are- to learn from your past trades and do not run to make a lot of money in a single day. Each business day gives you ample opportunities to enjoy your fair share of the profit.

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