Lemon Law in Wisconsin and All You Need to Know About the Law

Posted by Andrew Richardson on May 20th, 2021

Are you also tired of taking your new car to the dealership for frequent repairs? Then you might be eligible for replacement or refund for your new car under the lemon law in Wisconsin. The lemon law keeps customers safe from any manufacturing defects that compromise the safety of the car.

Generally, if you face a problem with your vehicle, you take the vehicle to the repair shop. Even after fixing the repair, if the same problem persists or you have to keep your car in the repair shop for 30 days (need not be consecutive), then you're eligible for claims under the lemon law in Wisconsin.  If the customer feels a need to go beyond the state lemon law, then the federal lemon law can help the customers.

This article will mainly focus on the Wisconsin lemon lawand all the things you need to know before claiming under the lemon law in Wisconsin.

1- What is the Wisconsin lemon law?

If you have gotten a new vehicle that cannot be repaired even after a few attempts, possibly four within the first twelve months, then your car is eligible for the lemon law in Wisconsin. You must take your car to the repair shop four or more times for the same repair, or you must have left your car in the reaper shop for 30 days need not be consecutive. The car must be protected under the original vehicle manufacturer warranty. Also, the cars that are transferred to others' names in the state of Wisconsin are eligible.

2- What qualifies as a lemon car?

If you have left your car in the repair shop four or more times, or if you left your car in the repair shop for more than 30 days, you can apply for a claim under the Wisconsin lemon law. The problem must be the same for all the times you've taken the car to the repair shop. If the problems differ from each other, then you cannot claim under the law. If you are facing such problems, then apply for the claim and wait for the response from the manufacturer.

3- How can you qualify for a free representation?

The automobile manufacturer must respond to your claims within the first 30 days. For a heavy vehicle, i.e. 10,000 pounds, the manufacturer must respond within the first 120 days. Suppose the manufacturer has not responded back or not claimed the vehicle. In that case, the manufacturer is responsible for paying all the attorney fees and the legal cost that the customer has to bear. This helps customers as they might not have enough resources to fight a multi-billion dollar automobile company.

Wrapping up

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