4 Sauna Wellness Trends You Need in Your Routine

Posted by Sunlighten on May 20th, 2021

Countless wellness trends populate your newsfeed or come up in conversations with friends, but some might not always be worth your time. When it comes to your home infrared sauna, some trends can help you maximize each minute you spend using it to support your wellness in multiple ways. Everything from color therapy to meditation during your session in the heat can positively impact your experience.

Specific Programs

There is a growing demand for every product on the market to be more customizable so you can control the way you use it. This customization is especially relevant when it comes to your home sauna. Specified programs can help you address your particular concerns and also make it easy for you to switch up the sauna experience for different family members or when you want to refocus your strategy. Seek out an innovative company that uses near, mid, and far infrared (IR) wavelengths in their systems, along with various programs for supporting everything from your heart health to muscle recovery. Be sure your sauna uses a thorough process for checking air quality and ensuring low electromagnetic frequency (EMF) levels for additional safety. An easy setup process that uses magnetic locking instead of unnecessary screws or clips is an added benefit too.


Many people are seeking alternative solutions to support their wellness, whether that be for their mood, skin, muscles, or general well-being. Chromotherapy is a wellness trend that supports the body and mind by combining light and color for a unique experience that can add to the ambiance of your personal sauna. Colors like green can help support a calming environment, while violet can target your nervous system and help relax the body. Be sure this must-try trend is available for your sauna so you can incorporate color therapy and optimize every sauna experience. Also, look for non-toxic and eco-friendly materials to ensure the highest quality for you and the planet.

Acoustic Resonance Therapy

Just as color can positively impact your wellness, sounds and vibrations may offer healing benefits, too. Find a sauna brand that offers a system for Acoustic Resonance Therapy, which uses sound waves to help your body reach a deeper state of relaxation. Combine sound therapy with your chromotherapy and specialized programs to maximize each session for yourself as well as your friends and family.


When you are in your portable infrared sauna, there are also ways you can engage your brain while relaxing and supporting your body. Meditation is an ancient practice that can help you let go of unwanted thoughts and bring you to a state of peace. Engaging in this type of mindful practice may even help you minimize stress. Use a guided meditation or focus on your breathing as you empty your mind and recharge with ease as you focus on wellness. Enjoy trying all these wellness trends in your home sauna for a stronger feeling you.

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