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Posted by harryjoy on September 30th, 2015

If something makes a positive difference, it’s natural to be proud of it. There are many good reasons why people look interested in joining masonic lodges.
They are generally curious about esoteric topics and want to involve themselves in some charitable work. As a well-known fact, Masonic lodges raise money for the benefit of the less fortunate. This makes Freemasons feel exalted. This pride can be best exhibited by wearing a Mason ring. Wearing a ring that has an accurate symbol is essential for a Freemason. If you need these rings, you can buy masonic rings online. You can also present these rings as a gift to your loved ones on some special occasions.

Masonic rings are ultimate jewelry pieces made from the best quality materials. The entire masonic ring collection includes Past Master Rings, Blue Lodge Rings, York Rite Rings, Scottish Rite Rings, Eastern Star Rings, Shrine Rings, Elk Lodge Rings and Odd Fellow Rings. This ultimate collection of masonic rings is available for sale online. These rings have a variety of symbols, and first three degrees are known as the Blue Lodge. Out of all the symbols found on Masonic rings, the square and compasses are typically the most prominent that represent the Masonic fraternity as a whole. The rings with square and compasses usually have a “G” in their center, which however has become popular to replace it with All-Seeing Eye or Eye of Providence). Both of these represent Deity. Some rings have a large number of additional symbols that are too small to make out. These symbols are usually taken from the Blue Lodge rituals, and generally include level, beehive, plumb and Volume of the Sacred Law.

Others symbols found on Masonic rings include dozens of appendant bodies, scimitars and stars from the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, the triple-tau of the Royal Arch Mansons, and the double-headed eagle of the Scottish Rite. Among them, double-headed eagle symbol is generally known as the Shriners, the most common symbols associated with Scottish Rite.

There are also other symbols that look the same, but have variations. For example, the symbol with 32º has a triangle with the number 32 on the eagle's breast, and the 33º has a triangle with the number 33 above the eagle's heads. Sometimes the shapes of the eagle’s wings and heads can typify the jurisdiction in which it originates.

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