Three Things Deadman Mode of runescape 2007 gold Should Learn From Darkscape

Posted by nash john on September 30th, 2015

Darkscape was suddenly released for all players to adventure a completely PvP open-world. Since Deadman mode is going to be released in mid-October, Darkscape can be considered as the test of Deadman mode. Indeed, there are some things Deadman mode can learn from DarkScape. If you are in lack of DS gold when playing Darkscape, you can buy cheap Darkscape gold on RSorder. Also you can get runescape 2007 gold on RSorder to prepare for the coming Deadman mode.

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Get Rid of Bank Raiding

When playing in Darkscape, players are able to keep a part of their belongs if killed by other players. Losing entire bank will cause some players want to quit the game. Deadman mode makes one lose all of their items carried on their person whenever killed by other players. Bank raiding is one of the main things that deter players off Deadman mode. It will be much better if players are able to keep some of their stuff if killed by others.

Keep Limited Safe-Spaces

Many Darkscape players are complaining that guards are the biggest nuisance in Darkscape. It's quite easy to encounter a guard who will come and smite you onsite. And this makes Darkscape really challenging for players to play in. Deadman mode have some safe-zones for you to shelter. However, safe zones should be limited to make Deadman mode challenging for players to play. Besides, you can get enough RS 2007 gold from RSorder to make Deadman mode a safe place for you all the time.

Increase the cost of teleports

In Darkscape, teleportation of any kind between regions is not possible while carrying items. And you have to wait 10 seconds if you want to teleport or logout. Yes, it is not easy to use teleportation in Darkscape. On the contrary, teleportation makes it easy to logout or run into the safe zones in Deadman mode. It will be meaningless if one can escape easily in Deadman mode. Jagex should increase the cost of teleports and make it harder to use Teleportation.

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