Role of Defense Lawyer in arrests in Singapore

Posted by vendelajar on September 30th, 2015

Arrest in Singapore of a person can be carried out when that person in under suspect of any criminal offence and required for investigations or for charging in Court. Few offences under which one can be arrested is consumption or possession of drugs, trafficking, outraging of modesty, rape, robbery, theft, criminal breach, cheating, causing severe hurt and rioting.

It is done after informing the person that he/she has been arrested for holding or touching if they are likely to make an attempt at escape. The police can also use reasonable force if the person is not ready to surrender. You can also ask for the identification proof of the officer came for your arrest and reason for your arrest.

After the arrest in Singapore, the suspect gets brought to the police station for investigation or questioning. The remaining question can be detained in lock-up. One needs to surrender whatever things he/she has with them after making the list of the things. You will be given the list of the belongings.

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As per the Singapore law, one can be detained for 48 hours maximum counting from the time of arrest. If the suspect is required to be detained for a longer period, then it is necessary to bring him/her to the Court.

In the Court, then the officer behind the arrest can give the reason he/she wants to detain the suspect for the longer time span. It’s entirely on the judge that he/she will consider the reason given by the officer or not. If further detail is not required, then the suspect get leave on bail with the promise of coming back to the police station or court whenever required.

One can be arrested after or before investigation. One is required to give the statement, and if police decide to book you under any charge, then you will be asked to sign cautioned statement. If the suspect has a defense, then it is advisable to say so while signing the cautioned statement. The defense will not get considered later if it is not said during cautioned statement.

When formally charged, in next step you will be produced in front of the Court for further proceedings. Here to proof your innocence you can hire or take a help of your defense lawyers.

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