What Is Drug Addiction And Various Types Of Drug Addiction Treatment

Posted by Sarah Jones on May 20th, 2021

Addiction is an illness that can affect your mental and physical health and also make you change your behavior and become more aggressive. The most common type of addiction that is faced by teenagers and adults alike is drug addiction. It can harm your mental health, and in some cases, an overdose of the drug can also prove to be fatal. So what can you do to prevent such addiction? You can restrict yourself from being exposed to such substances, and once you're exposed, you must seek out drug addiction treatment.

This article will explain drug addiction and various drug addiction treatment that can be proven successful for treating patients.

1. What is drug addiction?

When drug addiction is mentioned, people restrict it to only cocaine, heroin, or weed. But there are other types of drugs such as pharmaceutical drugs like painkillers, medicinal marijuana that can make you an addict and can also be fatal. Initially, when you consume any drugs, you reach a level of bliss and relaxation that is unmatched.

The next time you consume the drugs, it starts affecting your body, and it becomes a tendency that you cannot live without the drugs. You find it difficult to spend your day without getting the drugs. It is during this time that you realize you need help and you must get drug addiction treatment.

2. What are the symptoms of drug addiction?

Initially, you may not realize that you're addicted to drugs. But it may be visible to the people around you. By the time you realize it, it already becomes too late. But you might see some of the symptoms beforehand. The symptoms of drug addiction are as follows: -

I. When you have the urge to consume the drug daily, maybe even two or three times a day.

II. You cannot think straight because you have the urge to do the drug. Other thoughts are blocked, and you cannot think about anything other than drugs.

III. You think to consume more of the drug than prescribed. You also make sure that your supply is not stopped and you get the proper dosage of the drugs.

IV. You spend money on the drug when you know that money was kept aside for something else. You tend to borrow money from others to do the drugs when you don't have the money.

V. You cannot focus on your work and studies. It affects your personal life, and not concentrating on something starts affecting your performance at work or school.

VI. Having the urge to do the drug even though you know it will only bring you harm and misery. You also start stealing the drugs from someone you know.

VII. Spending time doing the drugs while you could be focusing on other items at hand.

VIII. You fail your attempts to stop using the drug and every time have a small dose or a big dose of the drug to keep you going.

IX. You experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit your drugs. You cannot bear the withdrawal symptoms and end up doing the drug again.

3. When must you consult a doctor for your addiction?

The best time would be sooner before later. Once you've understood that you have that urge to do the drugs, it is time you consulted with a doctor. The sooner you consult a doctor, the better chances of you recovering quickly and without major issues. You must consult a doctor if you face these situations: -

I. You can't quit using the drug and need to do the drug again and again.

II. You are aware of the harm the drug will cause. Instead, you choose to continue doing the drug.

III. You are doing things that you once considered unsafe, such as sharing needles for drugs and having unprotected sex.

IV. You chose to avoid the withdrawal symptoms by continuing using the drug.

V. You may have overdosed on the drug and think it is time you quit the drugs.

VI. Your loved ones are telling you to consult a doctor and avoid any harmful incidents in the future.

4. Various types of drug addiction treatment

You must remember that drug addiction treatment will not be an easy task, and you'd have to give your 100% if you want to be drug-free. Depending upon the drug used by you, there are numerous types of drug addiction treatment that you must consider. Following are the types of drug addiction treatment that are proven successful and recommended by many doctors and professionals: -

I.Detoxification: - When a doctor prescribes you to do a detox, it is safe as the detox has substances that can help you remove the harmful items from your body.

II. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): - CBT is a method used as a treatment for drug addiction and food, alcohol, and prescription drug addiction. This method helps you realize the items you have been doing are not safe for your health, and you must stop them immediately.

III. Contingency Management (CM): - the best method that prevents people from relapsing is contingency management. In the CM method, you are given some positive rewards to help you get rid of the addiction. They also help you maintain sobriety by reinforcing positive thoughts and behaviors.

IV. 12- Step Facilitation: - some people consider this to be a more acceptable form of treatment. This treatment is also applicable for drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse patients. In this treatment, the patients are made aware of the seriousness of drug addiction, and once they've accepted the seriousness, they are asked to surrender to a higher power.

V. Medicines: - medicines work best when they are combined with behavioral techniques. Medicines have a psychological effect on your brain and help you see things clearly, and guide you into a better life.

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