Zinc Alloy Die Casting Speaks Strength and Durability

Posted by sunainaram on September 30th, 2015

Each metal has its own set of advantages as well as disadvantages, which are taken into consideration while deciding on the type of the die casting process for a particular product. The melting point, strength, ease of casting as well as price are the various aspects taken into consideration while creating die casting design. Zinc alloy die casting is one of the best and popularly used methods for casting.

Using zinc alloy in the casting process reaps a lot of benefits. Zinc is best known for the strength it provides. This metal does not break on bending and can also be easily be moulded into a desired shape. Zinc alloys have low melting points, and can be easily cast into the mould created based on the die casting design Plus, once hardened, zinc is extremely strong. Its tough nature makes it resistant to any major impacts. The rigidity of the metal helps in casting with low space and less weight.

Zinc possesses anti-spark quality, which means that the metal does not catch fire easily. So, it can be used in casting products that are used in high heat conditions. Another huge advantage while casting with zinc is that thin walls can be created. This property will allow you to easily produce all types of parts, with thick or thin walls. Zinc has anti-shock properties, so the tools produced using this metal have a longer life.

One of the biggest benefits of zinc alloy die casting is that you can recycle the material. If any cast has some defect, you don’t have to throw it. Simply melt it again and do the casting process again. Moreover, as you are pouring the exact amount of molten metal into the cast, there is no wastage here also. Therefore, unlike other product manufacturing processes, this technique allows you to save metal and reduce wastage at the same time. You can recycle the metal as many times as you want without any loss of properties. This aspect makes this manufacturing technique an earth-friendly process as it creates less waste and has a less hazardous impact on the environment.

In a nutshell, the above mentioned advantages make zinc a very popularly used metal in the casting process. The combined attributes of strength, resistance, low melting point and shock-proof nature make it a preferred choice for many a die casting design.

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