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Posted by kenny lake on September 30th, 2015

A dumpling is a cooked dough ball. They are delicious and there are a lot of dumpling recipes. They can be made with potatoes, flour or bread, and they can be plain or flavored with fish, meat or other sweet ingredients. They can be savory, spicy or sweet and eaten alone, with gravy or with soup. The dumplings are either formed into a ball, rolled or flat or dropped. You can make them into a half round or even a whole round.

The dumplings can be simmered, fried, steamed, baked or boiled. Rolled dumplings are wrapped with chicken or any other filling with a meat or vegetable base, rolled thin and are cut into small pieces for cooking. Your creativity can be extended with the filling of the dumplings. Vegetables such as cabbage are most popular filling ingredients. Mix them with meat or eggs. This can taste really good. All you need to do is to mince the vegetables with repeated chop and then squeeze part of liquid out. Otherwise the liquid will make it difficult to seal the Frozen Dumplings.

The most fun part of the whole process is that different tasks can be divided and separated among all the family members. One takes care of the dough. One roll out the wrappers. One can be responsible for the arrangement of the finished dumplings. Others can make dumplings by taking the wrappers, putting some filling on them and close these right. While all the hands are busy, the crazy talks are not! So it is a good time to enjoy being together.

The classic shape of the dumpling is similar to a small sailing boat. The following are the preparation steps of rolled dumplings.

  • Place one dumpling pastry sheet, flat on your hand.
  • Put a teaspoon of the meat filling like beef filling or any vegetable filling in the middle of the pastry sheet. The amount of filling depends on the size of the pastry sheet.
  • Fold the two sides together. Nip them in tightly.
  • Use your index finger to push the edge on the right end in, nip it together with the front edge.
  • Push the remaining part on the right side from the back towards the front and then nip it together with the front edge. Now, the back would show a nice fold.
  • Steam these dumplings end enjoy the delicious food.

However, the most important part is not whether the folding is beautiful, what really matters is whether the edges have been tightly nipped up, so that the dumpling won’t break during boiling or steaming. There are many online sites like Anne’s dumplings which teach you how to cook dumplings. You can also buy the base online used for filling the dumplings. You have a wide variety of products to choose from. Many of them are easy and fun to cook. Choose your dumpling recipe today and cook a yummy meal for friends & family.

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