5 Tips To Utilize Your Balcony Space Creatively

Posted by Heather Homes on May 20th, 2021

A balcony, for many is just a space offering momentary relief from the boring enclosed walls of a flat or apartment. But in reality it is the most ideal getaway to the outdoors all the while providing privacy access from the indoors itself. Apart from using the space to place the cloth drying stand, a balcony can be converted to a comfortable relaxing zone to your liking. Also, if utilized properly a balcony comes handy in extending your living space and thus solving the space crunch issues.

Here are 5 tips for a creative balcony space makeover.

 1. Comfy lounging zone

Balconies of high-rise buildings open out to breath-taking views of the locale. And when surrounded by lush greenery or nestled between mountains, your balcony makes an excellent choice for a vantage point to relish in the beauty of the nature. Add some comfortable bay window seats with plush cushions or a lounging chair and you have a tempting lounging zone with a view to unwind after a long day.

 2. Green space & herb garden

The balcony enjoys ample amount of sunlight and thus making it the perfect spot for a green space in your home. From potted plants to mounted planters to creepers and climbers, you can bring in greenery in many different ways in a balcony. Add some handy herbs to the mix and it becomes your go-to garden for fresh herbs also.

 3. Reading corner

Looking out to set up your cosy reading corner in the house away from the commotions of the blaring TV and chitter-chatter? Put out a bean bag or a small leather couch or even a cosy blanket with some plush cushions in the balcony, add a small coffee table, shut the door, sit back and dive into the world of stories.

 4. Alfresco dining

Do you crave for a change from dining over the huge dinner table and amidst imposing crockery laden shelves? Then head to the balcony for an alfresco dining experience. Set up a small breakfast table and chairs or a mounted table with perching stools for enjoying your meal over a refreshing view.

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