Is Maintaining a Vehicle Tracking System Expensive?

Posted by sunainaram on September 30th, 2015

There is a lot of talk about using the vehicle tracking system. While many people hash out the advantages and disadvantages of using GPS vehicle tracking, the decision makers are more concerned about the cost of buying and maintaining the tracking device. The budget plays a very important role in any purchase decision. It doesn’t matter if the device is cheap, it should also be relatively inexpensive to maintain the device. So many people think that they can make use of the built-in GPS available in the mobile phone rather than go for a specialized device. This is where the decision makers make the mistake. The GPS navigator will only help the driver find out the shortest route to the destination, it will not provide the other services that you can expect from a GPS tracking device.

A GPS vehicle tracking system will do more than just show the shortest distance to a particular point. It will also allow the administrators or management to keep continuous track of the vehicle moment. The admins will be able to track not one, but hundreds of vehicles in the fleet. The dashboard will give them a bird’s eye view of each vehicle and its exact location at any point of time. This dashboard will also make it easy for admins to contact the right driver, so as to reach the pickup point right on time. There are other uses of the vehicle tracking device. It will allow you to keep track of the fuel spent on each trip. So, you don’t have to worry about the vehicle or the fuel being used by the drivers for their personal purposes. When you look at the features and functions offered by the tracking device, you will see that you are indeed getting good value for your money. So, on the whole, it is definitely worth investing in a vehicle tracking system.

Now that you’ve understood the benefits of getting a tracking device, let’s take a quick look at the possible maintenance expenses. You will have to pay a minimum subscription fee to the GPS tracking service provider. If you check, you can also find providers offering free subscription for the first year or other offers, so you can save more money. The other expense will be the internet charges. You can go for a minimum 2G/3G data plan offered by your network provider. A postpaid network connection will give you more savings compared to a pre-paid connection. After the first year, you may have to pay a minimum payment for platform maintenance. Totally, the amount you will be spending is very less compared to the benefits you get from using vehicle tracking

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