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Posted by Mouridsen Rosales on May 20th, 2021

But, keen to spread even more love for the traditional Chinese dining experience — this will be its Down Under debut. You’ll find Hot Pot Plus on Elizabeth Street’s lively, market-adjacent restaurant strip. Here the .80 per 100 grams price tag is about as cheap as it comes for malatang in Melbourne. The standard beef broth here is excellent but beware the heat — we ordered medium hot and left humbled. Whether you go mild or spicy, Chinese, Korean or Japanese, hot pots are perfect for gathering with friends or family, especially on chilly days and nights. Bringing a theatrical aspect to each dining experience, Panda Hot Pot will light up the Melbourne food scene with live cultural performances on a nightly basis. Enjoy a little of everything with Man Tong tapas, dim sum and dumplings or create your perfect hot pot with delicious fresh ingredients. Since its opening, it has been sought after by professional customers both in domestic and abroad. Its quality and quantity at Carlton’s No 1 famous hot pot Melbourne Delicious Hotpot & BBQ, which has a modern-meets-traditional Chinese style and a mega menu. The soup base options alone make deciding a challenge, from Beijing lamb to Royal Special Mushrooms. Lucky they give you the option of choosing two flavours in a double-sectioned pot. We’re a leading Chinese restaurant in Melbourne that loves authentic food and bringing people together. We specialize in hot pots, a traditional Chinese dish that’s packed with flavor and gives diners the opportunity to cook at their tables. Our menu has a range of soup bases and fresh ingredients to pick from, allowing customers to customize hot pots to their liking. Conservatory offers a diverse and exciting spread of Asian fusion cuisine to inspire and delight all palates. Jiyu has successfully stood out in the extremely competitive Sichuan-style hot pot market. Our premium-level ingredients and experiences have reached tens of billions customers. "Came to this place three times last week not only because I’m a hotpot addict but that the food is absolutely amazing especially the soup. Will recommend and revisit again." Then January hit, and like Chinese restaurants everywhere, business has been hammered by fear surrounding the COVID-x virus, and travel bans. More than 100,000 Chinese students, who drive Carlton's dining economy (and were certainly Panda's target market), are stuck overseas. It was true of Tikki and John Newman, theatre restaurant royalty who founded Dracula's, where for 37 years you could get dinner and a ghoulish show that began with a ride on a ghost train. A grand staircase sweeps up through the centre of Panda Hot Pot, decked out in red, gold and wood. Both levels are watched over by a nearly 16-metre-long, 1.5-tonne steel dragon that was brought over from Chengdu, and hangs suspended from the ceiling. We also have cocktails, beer, wine and a selection of non-alcoholic drinks. The array of additional ingredients range from bok choy, chicken, wagyu, shrimp, enoki mushroom, fish balls and octopus balls to tofu fish cake, pig’s kidney, duck blood, egg, seven variations of noodles, crab stick, and even frog’s legs. Customers can choose their own spice level, from mild and hot to fire hot and dragon hot. If you came as a party of four, the same amount of broth would suffice for all the ingredients to be cooked in and the soup would be even more delicious with 4 people cooking their individual choices in the broth. There's also a dedicated sauce table under the staircase that goes to the next level that houses ingredients in rows of red bowls to make your own DIY dip sauce. Hot Pot lovers rejoice with David's Hot Pot Melbourne bringing Sichuan hot pot joy to this city, including a modern vibrant restaurant in Doncaster East. With 30 years of experience behind chef Jianlin Zhang the Doncaster restaurant has already become a popular dining destination in the eastern suburbs. The revamped space now can seat up to 268 and features a 1.5 tonne floating dragon in replacement of ghouls. At the centre of the restaurant lies a grand red and gold staircase, similar to those inside the olden day palaces in China. Throughout the restaurant there are martial arts weapons on the walls, and murals of ancient heroes paying tribute to the rich history of Chinese culture. The 1.6m long dragon sits at the very top watching both levels very closely, symbolising prosperity and strength. The flagship store of Dainty Sichuan Food is located at South Yarra since July 2009. The restaurant is conveniently located on Lonsdale Street in the CBD. Dainty Sichuan Noodle Express, entered Melbourne CBD Emporium shopping center in July 2014, is the first restaurant in Melbourne to spread authentic Chongqing spicy noodles and Sichuan snacks. Noodle Express keeps its high standard requirements and use the best ingredients and spices from southwest China. The traditional method of processing achieve the most pure spicy and fresh fragrance. Noodle Express is named one of Emporium’s most popular restaurants. Whether you ever got to venture inside, or just heard tales about the goings on, Carlton's long-standing theatre restaurant Dracula's was one of the city's true institutions. But now, the sprawling corner building at 100 Victoria Street has enjoyed a complete about-face, reborn as the first Aussie outpost for China's famed Panda Hot Pot. LCD panels turn the ceiling to sky, beneath which floats a 1.5 tonne steel dragon.

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