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Posted by Mouridsen Rosales on May 20th, 2021

A vacuum cleaner prevents nail dust from splashing onto your hands & dust collection. The stepless speed regulation of the pet nail trimmer between 4500-11000±10% RPM allows you to choose the speed they like and trim the nails of dogs and cats safely and effectively. Dog Nail Grinder 80-mesh nail file recommended by veterinarians and pet grooming experts,most comfortable pet claw grinding,the reverse screw can prevent the nail file from falling when rotating at high speed nail trimming safely. After 20,000 tests, the nail file has a higher concentricity with the high-end motor using ultra-quiet technology and the vibration generated is extremely low <40dB,pets can remain calm and easy to grooming. 2000mA large capacity built-in lithium battery can work up to 10h-25h, USB cable allows you to choose a variety of charging methods. Manicure Tips 1.If it is the first time to pet use polish, it is best to only its fingernail tip or too long part 
 off, do not grind too deep, so that the pet slowly adapt to polish! When using the polish sharpener for your pet's manicure for the first time, you can let it look at the polish sharpener, smell the smell and listen to the sound to reduce the fear of your pet. 2.At first, adjust the motor speed to the lowest speed when grinding the armor, and then gradually increase the speed when the pet gets used to it, so that the pet can have a process of adaptation.
 it is best to only the tip of its fingernails or too long part of the square off, do not grind too deep, so that the pet slowly adapt to polish! 3.Put the pet on a wide flat surface when grinding the armor. It should not be placed on a high platform to prevent pets from being afraid of heights.Also can make appropriate reward with snack at the same time!. Product Specification Product Name: speed-regulating electric polish sharpener Model:PFS - 117 Charging Voltage/Current: 5V1000mA Charging Interface: Micro USB Battery Type: 18650 lithium battery Battery Capacity: 2000mAh Running time: about 10 hours Charging time: about 2 hours Speed:4500-11000rpm stepless speed regulation Product size: Φ38*178mm Main material: ABS Main properties: polish pet nail + adsorb and collect pet nail dust

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