How Can A Creative Impact Agency Help Your Business?

Posted by Hyldgaard Post on May 20th, 2021

Creativity is at the forefront in this new century. And in this era of new media, where brands and products are increasingly scrutinized, creative impact agency has established itself as one of the most effective strategic marketing professionals in the world. CIA was honored for "Best Use of Online Media" at the Webby Awards for the second year in a row for its video advertising campaign for Amazon Studio's The Report. For the second time in this prestigious award, CIA was able to dominate news sites with its creative power and influence. Its creative impact was credited not only to its creative team but also to the unique delivery format of Amazon's The Report: an audiovisual website, meant for browsing but also for printing, intended to replace traditional reports. Creative Impact Agency's The Report is not your run-of-the-mill online marketing strategy. Its audiovisual style is meant to draw visitors' attention more than a conventional website would. A viewer watching a dull documentary about the state of the economy would not pause to contemplate the benefits of switching to a green energy source or buying an organic food product. But when they do, they might be inspired to click the link to learn more about how Amazon's The Report came to be. "If you think about it, many people who go on The Report's website don't even know it's a video," explains Jeffery Simpkins, Creative Director of Creative Impact Agency. "We wanted to create an online marketing strategy that would give people something to link to. We knew that if we won the Webby Award for Best Use of Online Media, it would set us apart from all of our competition. We wanted to use this platform to not only enhance our visibility but to increase our brand equity as well." In the end, The Report did just that. It won Webby's top award, setting the stage for what would become one of the biggest branding successes of the decade. What does it take to be considered an expert in online media? Experts are those who have assembled a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating web videos for business and pleasure. They know how to package their information in a way that makes it engaging for those who are interested in what they have to say. They understand how to make a website entertaining and user-friendly while still maintaining a professional tone. Professionals know how to present information in a manner that makes the reader want to explore further. An expert, like a Creative impact agency, understands how important visual images are to the overall theme of a website. Images can communicate the tone of a website better than words ever could. Images can tell a story with just a photo or two. People love to look at photos, especially celebrity photos. A good graphic designer knows how to create high-end graphics in a way that makes those photos pop. The same goes for video. A good video will grab people's attention quickly and keep them watching. That is the whole point of an online marketing strategy. The average Internet user has only a few seconds to spend on any given website and video is a powerful way to get a point across in a couple minutes. An agency has access to the type of people who are passionate about the subject matter of your website. They know which kinds of videos resonate with viewers. They also know which kinds of photos and illustrations can draw people in. The agency has developed online marketing strategies based on these types of research. It is their job to give people what they want. If you want to grow your business using the Internet, hire a creative impact agency. You won't have to worry about having your website thrown into the mix or not getting any traffic at all. The experts you hire will handle all of those details. It will be up to you to implement the strategies.

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