International Living Includes Retiring In Ecuador and Real Estate Ecuador As One

Posted by drclintcornellpac on October 1st, 2015

As if we need more reason to believe that retiring in Ecuador is very rewarding. After declaring that Ecuador regained the top spot as the best retirement destination in the world, International Living released yet another article that indicated how great this country is for retirees, especially those looking for Real Estate in Ecuador. .

In an article published on the website, we are given a thorough explanation as to why Ecuador is one of the best countries to retire in compared to the rest of the world. In this particular article and for Real Estate in Ecuador, Ecuador was grouped with 3 other countries: Panama, Belize and France. All four of these were chosen because of one thing: retirement benefits.

This list will help retirees choose where they want to live in once they finally stop working. While not everyone would want to retire abroad, there are some who find the change in location quite refreshing. Investing in Real Estate in Ecuador can be an additional attraction to help make people’s minds up as well.

What benefits will retirees get in Ecuador with Real Estate in Ecuador

So why is retiring in Ecuador one of the best in the world?

International Living uses a lot of factors to determine if a country is great for retirees or not. One of them is the “Retiree Benefits and Discounts” category. When it comes to benefits, Panama is leading the race and followed by Ecuador, Belize and finally, France.

When we talk about these benefits, we mean the discounts and perks that people get just because they are retired or above 60 in age. Since these folks no longer have a steady income coming from a job, governments from all over the world help them out by providing various benefits to help them keep their expenses to a minimum.

According to the article, a retired individual in Ecuador is someone who is above 65 in age and holds a national ID card - or a cedula. This can be easily acquired by foreigners as long as they apply for a residency visa.

So what are the specific benefits that those retiring in Ecuador can have? Here are some of them.

  • Refund on sales tax for items purchased throughout the year (these require receipts that indicate the cedula number of the retiree)
  • Free landline to make local calls
  • 50% discount on water and electric bills
  • Discount on property taxes
  • 50% off on movie tickets, cultural events, sporting events, museums and concerts
  • 50% discount for bus fares and even airfare
  • Low costs to enter into investing in Real Estate in Ecuador

These benefits allow those who are retiring in Ecuador to enjoy a lot of activities without putting a strain on their budget. For instance, they will not hesitate to enjoy a night out with friends because of the discounts they can receive in various establishments. Travelling will not be a financial burden because they can get this expense at half the price. Life will truly be more enjoyable because of all these perks.

Another thing that retirees will really enjoy is the respect that is given to them just because they are seniors. The locals are very respectful of their elders - regardless if they are foreigners or native Ecuadorians. The young ones will let you get in front of the line and give up their seat in a public transportation. This respect that you will get is something that cannot be matched by any savings that you will benefit from in Ecuador.

Retiring in Ecuador is really beneficial but there is more to the discounts and privileges. The overall ambience in the country is really something that will keep you healthy and have a longer life.

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