Some Views About Teach You Keep Your Cartier Love Ring

Posted by jewelrybrand on October 2nd, 2015

It is a fact that after you Shopping a cartier love ring to maintenance it. Some people do not understand the wearing of jewelry during the actual use of methods of protection. In fact, maintenance and cleaning of jewelry, there are many details to note.

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1.It is wrong with the toothpaste to clean jewelry. cartier ring replica market is saying, toothbrush brush dipped in toothpaste, cartier love ring, which can be used is as bright as new when you clean with a brush, dip the point of which is a toothpaste. Jewellery must be clean, but it is not ideal to use toothpaste. because the toothpaste contains tiny abrasive particles, the hardness of the materials that the particles are small, but the hardness of the material up to six or seven degrees (almost the same crystal). Therefore, the toothpaste cleaning jewelry unless the hardness of the crystal may damage the surface of the stones, especially pearls, gold and gold surface k, Cartier love ring is absolutely unavoidable, the detergent solution must be diluted with a neutral surface (such as lettuce away, baby shampoo).

3. Note that the order to wear jewelry

When we wear jewelry or ring, claw set, we should avoid hooking to clothing, bags, clothes hook to the event, maybe the jewelry would not be stone off immediately. In general, the order to wear cartier love ring replica should be dressed in the clothes after the re-wear jewelry. Just wore a single diamond ring claw set that, then dress, wearing stockings. Is it dangerous for we to wear jewelry?

4. Regular careful examination of modern jewelry

busy consumers often go home and take off immediately put the jewelry in jewelry. Recycled jewelry was used. Maybe you need less energy to see it. Take some more time to take care of your jewelry can greatly reduce the crisis, such as cartier love ring gold securely without loosening phenomenon? Cartier Love necklace is fixed or not? Earrings are clip the middle card in order to reduce the flexibility in the lock? Screws or bad? … And so on.

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