5 Important Tips to Ensure Employee Safety at Workplace

Posted by Skovgaard Bering on May 21st, 2021

Safety nowadays has become a significant concern and an important part that must be followed with critical steps in every organization. Workplace security is essential to hand and has gained the attention of organizations where accidental death possibilities are very high such as construction sites, transportations, heavy machinery manufacturing organizations, warehousing, etc. Employee Safety is a major concern that ensures the health safety of the workers by providing them with ample health-related benefits like health insurances, medical facilities, and quick first aid in case of emergencies at the offices. The health-related concerns and the protective measures that are to be followed to keep the employees safe are categorized here: 1. Issuing Safety and Health-Related Manuals Several offices issue various user guides and instruction manuals at the time of joining, containing detailed instructions on what steps are to be followed to have a healthy body and healthy minds. Some organizations conduct regular employee feedback sessions, which in turn help in reducing the stress, which will further lead to good mental health. 2. Train the Employee About the Technology The most important is to train the employee about handling the office gadgets safely to avoid any such mishap or incident that can procure mishandling electronics. For example, employees should be taught how to use micro-ovens safely and how to operate the kettle/toaster. Also, they should be taught to be safe while using the electric extension sockets and should not carry any liquids such as tea, coffee, water, cold drinks, juices, etc., at the desk near any of the open sockets/extensions. 3. Invest in a Better Quality of Infrastructure By investing in good infrastructure like the quality of office chairs that can support the employees back and hence avoiding the back/disk related issue that employees suffer from. We should keep in mind that chairs are a part of the decor and they should be comfortable. Also, adopting a standing desk alternatively in sitting jobs helps in avoiding risks of back issues. 4. Maintain a Good Break Schedule The office should create a hierarchy to keep an eye on the concerns that the employees face. The employee should know whom they need to report in case they encounter any such issues. Teach the employees to maintain self-hygiene like: washing the hands in intervals and wiping their desks. The Employee Activity Clubs should encourage them to take managed breaks during work hours to keep them calm and refreshed. 5. Insert Safety Signs Boards To ensure work safety, we can adopt the signboards or reminder poster instructions of Dos and Don'ts at various office bulletins. Also, keeping the fire extinguisher and installing safety cameras and water sprinkles in cases of any emergency is essential. Preparing an emergency exit plan to evacuate in case of emergencies and placing them at all the exit areas and eye-catching desks. Adding friendly reminders about the hidden boxes, fuse, sockets, pointed edges, hidden staircases, lift lobby rush distances, etc., all will help in avoiding the major incident that may affect Employee Safety. By following the major key points, the company can maintain the employee Safety standards and keep them away from the glitch of spending high on safety. Keeping the employee safe and healthy reduces accidents and injuries and increases the employee’s productivity.

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