Water fountains and coolers- Proving fresh safe drinking water all year round

Posted by Diane Watersmart on May 21st, 2021

The water from a mains fed water supply when incorporated with products or equipment that filter the water, will make it safe for consumption. These include drinking Water Fountains for Schools, houses, offices and many other public places. Also, a hot water boiler is also an option to connect with the mains fed as it will provide hot water consistently to make preparation of hot beverages easy.

Water fountains with drinking water:

One of the best and easiest method of providing safe drinking water for everyone in schools, offices and public places is to install a fountain of drinking water.

Types of fountains:

  1. Bottle drinking fountain: This type of drinking water fountain does not have any place near the spout to put your mouth to. It is hence very hygienic and is the best bet to get installed in schools. Children only have to re fill their empty water bottles from these fountains. This in turn makes sure proper hydration of the children.
  2. Tap filler or soda fountain: In this type of drinking water fountain, you can either use filtered water or it can be connected to the mains fed line. An additional spout can be installed with this fountain to enable re filling of bottles and cups. The disadvantage of having this type of a drinking water fountain set up in schools is that the children will always need assistance from the staff to re fill their bottles.
  3. Refrigerated drinking water fountain: As the name suggests, this type of drinking water fountain provides cool water. Depending on the method of the water being dispensed, this fountain is basically of three types. Small and big buttons when pressed provide cool water in the first two types of this fountain. The ability of the fountain to release cold water without pressing any buttons is seen in the third type. If the fountain is able to filter water it is a cherry on the cake for this type of fountain. The only disadvantage of this water fountain is that it is highly priced compared to the others.

Benefits of water boilers

The good old method of boiling water in a kettle is no doubted a very risky method to heat water. It can cause permanent damaged if the kettle accidentally tips over or is touched from outside. The types of water boilers are:

  1. Wall mounted
  2. Under sink
  3. Counter top

Most of these water boilers are electric but there are few that work using gas, solar energy and some times even wood and oil.

Water coolers

Directly Plumbed- In Water Coolersto the tap water connection are most of the time enabled with an inbuilt system that purifies water and hence provides safe, clean and fresh water for drinking. There are basically only two types of water coolers which are free standing water coolers and table top ones.


Proving safe and fresh cool or hot water for drinking or cooking purposes is now a continuous possibility thanks to these fountains, coolers and boilers that are connected to the mains fed water line.

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