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Posted by Dr. Kashika Jain on May 21st, 2021

Dr Kashika Jain is an internationally renowned celebrity Counsellor, Psychologist & Life-Coach .
Dr Kashika Jain provides Psychological treatment without any medication help.According to her philosophy “All psychological problems arise due to change in thought process and we cannot change our thought process with the help of any medicine. Thought process can be changed with the help of Counseling and Therapy only.”
Till now Dr Kashika Jain has transformed over 40,000+ lives from 2010 till date, through her Counseling/Therapy/ Seminars/ Workshops/ Training.
Who is Counselling Psychologist?
Counselling Psychologist are the people who work for the welfare of society. Counselling psychologist talk about the emotional, social, professional, school, college and mental health issues which concerns people at several stages of life.
Counselling psychologists help people with social, emotional milestones and mental health issues. They change their thought process to alleviate feelings of sadness and solve issues.
They also provide evaluation, diagnosis, and suggest ways to improve severe psychological problems.
Dr Kashika Jain is a best counselling psychologist in Meerut.
Importance of Counselling Psychologist in Meerut
Counselling psychologist addressed severe issues related to personal and professional life. So we cannot deny their role in society.
They indirectly help social, emotional, mental health development of people. If human mind works in a healthy way then society develop in a sustainable manner.
They deal with individual patients of all age group, from childhood to old-hood, who has behavioural problems, abusive problem, addiction to bad things, Young children with educational and career pressure, adults facing marital or family issues,or overcoming learning disabilities, and older people face challenges during post retirement period.
They work with community to help them in finding solutions to the same problems. At the same it improves the personal and interpersonal development of a individual and group.
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