Why You Should Push For Joint Custody and How to Do It

Posted by Kinman and Associates on May 21st, 2021

When joint custody or co-parenting is possible for exes, it’s a good idea to pursue it rather than apply for sole custody, unless there is domestic abuse involved. There are many benefits to pursuing joint custody and co-parenting.

Kids tend to feel more secure when they have both their parents in their lives. According to studies, children who are in a co-parenting arrangement still grow up well-grounded even when their parents are already divorced. Their risks of getting involved in addiction problems are also lower compared to children who are in a sole custody arrangement.

In co-parenting arrangements, there is usually more structure in the routine as both parents spend designated time with their children. Both parents become more involved when it is their time to be parents to their children, so they can provide the attention and the consistency that the children need.

Studies also say that children in co-parenting arrangements are able to help with problem-solving. When the schedule or parenting arrangements don’t always go according to plan, an alternative solution is done, which can help children harness their problem-solving skills as well.

Children basically grow up with a healthier mindset. They are also emotionally healthier since they have both parents in their lives.

Admittedly, co-parenting is not always a walk in the park. At first, you might find the idea of working with your ex to rear your children hard. But always put the children and their needs first and the road will be much easier for you. When you set aside your own feelings and focus on what the children need, you won’t have to be stressed out with the process.

The first thing that you should do is find a family lawyer in Burnaby who can help you arrange for joint custody. Your family lawyer in Burnaby can help in drafting a co-parenting agreement and ensuring that the agreement is fair for all parties.

An experienced family lawyer in Burnaby can also make suggestions on how to divide time with the children, especially when it comes to holidays and special occasions.   

Keep it business-like. Don’t let your feelings for each other get in the way of following the agreement. Make sure you also agree on communication – what the modes of communication for each other are, how you will approach each other, what your roles are as parents, and so on. To avoid conflicts later, you can decide on who does what and what each parent can contribute.

If there are things that you would like to change in the agreement later on, make requests and don’t demand. If it gets too complicated, you can again talk to a family lawyer in Burnaby such as Kinman & Associates.

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