Difference between Emergency Dentistry and General Dentist

Posted by Lucy petterson on May 21st, 2021

As their name suggests, emergency dentistry is the dentistry that provides care to the patients when general dentists are not present. If I talk about emergency dentistry, it differs from a regular dentist whose you see your surroundings. Regular dentists are the family dentists specially trained to provide all dental care, whether general or emergency dental care. At the same time, emergency dentists have some different qualities in them, which set them apart from regular dentists.

Here, we will discuss some important differences which you should know about general dentists and emergency dentists. So, you can easily search on the net ‘’private dentist near me’’  when you need to call them for the cure.

24*7 Availability

The most important thing which creates a difference between a regular dentist and an emergency dentist is their availability. Almost all general dentists have their working hours and check their patients only in set working hours of set working days. If you want to get your check-up by the dentist, then you have to get an appointment with them first.

While an emergency dentist or a dentist who provides an emergency facility also offers dental care to the patient any time only on a call. An emergency dentist does not have any set working hours or set working days. Like I know a private dentist near me who provides emergency services, I do not need to wait till Monday having a dental problem on Saturday.

Special Trained for Trauma Case

The dentist who provides emergency dental care is also trained for those patients who are sad about the process during emergency dental care. The trauma in emergency dental care is the same as patients experienced in other medical emergencies. Emergency dentistry is also trained for addressing physical and emotional trauma.

It makes it easier for the dentist that how to treat the trauma that the patient is experiencing. In some special cases, the dentist must minimize the trauma before proceedings next step.

Emergency Dentistry with Regular Dentist

It will be very beneficial if a regular doctor also provides emergency dental care. A regular dentist already knows your problem and also has a dental record of mine. Suppose your regular dentist does not provide emergency dental care, and you have to need to Google ‘’private dentist near me’’. In that case, you will have to make communication between your general dentist and the emergency dentist for a better cure. The reason for doing all this stuff is because the emergency dentist provides the same treatment after providing an immediate cure.

Signs for Emergency Dental Care

Every time you can’t wait for your regular dentist to open his/her office. Sometimes you need emergency help. Here are some points that will tell you that you need emergency dental care.

  •          If you feel a lot of pain and can’t cure by home remedies, you should go for emergency dentistry.
  •          If your teeth are loosening or dislodging, then you should immediately go for an emergency check-up.
  •          If your teeth are bleeding, it is also another sign that you should go for emergency dental care.


Dental problem is very common among people. So it might happen that in any dental emergency, you need to search on Google ‘’private dentist near me’’. If you live in southeast London and searching for a dentist south east London or an emergency dentist south east London, then you should go for The Mindful Dentist - https://www.mindfuldentist.london/. They are the best in providing dental service of both types, general and emergency. For more details, check their website: https://www.mindfuldentist.london/

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