25 Winning Tips for Dog Owners

Posted by Cooley on May 21st, 2021

Over the years I have learned quite a few tips and tricks that make it easier for dog owners. Some have been learned by reading and research, but most have been learned the old-fashioned way - through trial and error. From preaching about keeping the house clean with pets to making a first aid kit for dogs yourself, here are 25 simple life hacks for dog owners.

Use covers to keep your furniture furs free

Do you allow your pet on the furniture? If so you know very well how difficult it is to keep them clean. My favorite tip for keeping your furniture and fur clean is to use a cover. You can use sheets, blankets or covers for sliding - and if you want something to fit your design you can have them customized. When it comes time for cleaning you just throw the covers in the laundry and you can go.

Dry sheets lift hair for dogs like crazy

Looking for a simple way to lift some of that dog hair? Use dry sheets. They lift loose dog hair on canvas like magic. Just rub a dry sheet over your couch or anywhere else where pet hair collects and watch as it clings to it.

Use rubber gloves to collect stray dog ​​hair

Does your dog's hair go anywhere, or is it just me? My favorite method of picking up all this loose hair is using a pair of rubber gloves. You wear them and move your hands over your furniture; Amazing how pet hair clings to rubber gloves.

Use baking soda to clean pet urine

If your dog pees on the carpet use baking soda (which is also great for removing odors) to clean it. Pour some baking soda in place, let it run for 20 minutes and then pump it out.

Use a swab to clean fur from the carpet

Do you have tons of dog hair buried deep in your rug? Use a stick to pick up fur on your carpet and furniture. Scrape it along the carpet and just watch as this hair rises.

Cover scratch marks on furniture with walnut

Do you have some scratch marks on your wood furniture? You can cover them by rubbing a nut on them. The natural oils in the nuts seep into the wood, making them a simple way to cover small scratches in your furniture.

Use a magic wipe to get rid of mucus marks

Do you drool a lot? If so you probably have a bunch of mucus marks all over the house. You can get rid of these scrubbing marks by getting a magic eraser.

Make yourself a DIY dog-friendly rug scent device

Do you have some dog scents you want to get rid of? If you do not have special products on hand do not worry - you can make yourself a simple dog-friendly rug device with items you received at home.

Stop the drain plugs when you shower the dog with a baby wipe

When you bathe your dog does their hair end up clogging your drain? Use a baby wipe to prevent the dog's hair from clogging it.

Make your own pet bed sweatshirt

Want to give your dog a cozy and cozy place to sleep without having to buy a dog bed from the store? Make them this cool dog bed from a sweatshirt and pillow.

Use a roll of packaging tape to collect pet fur

Do your clothes pick up dog hair like crazy? Don't have a fluff roll on hand? One of my favorite tips for dog owners is to use wrapping paper to collect all the dog hair that comes in all your clothes.

Create a barrier to keep your dog away

Does your dog go straight to the smaller box? He's not alone, a lot of dogs are drawn to Kitty's bed. Prevent your dog from getting into bed by lifting the crate, creating a barrier around the crate or using a covered trash can that your dog cannot get into.

Make a simple puzzle toy with a tin of muffins

Looking for a simple way to hire your dogs? Create a simple puzzle toy with tin muffins, treats and some tennis balls.

Teach your dog to chase bubbles with easy fun

Does your dog like to chase after things? Take advantage of this natural instinct and teach your dog to chase bubbles for easy time and exercise.

Fill things in Kong with treats to keep them busy

Fill Kong with some delicious treats to keep your dog, and for a harder challenge you can freeze them there. You do not need treats or stuffing fancy dogs

Pull toy from old clothes

Does your dog like to play attraction? Do you have some more T-shirts? Make your own toy by braiding one of your old T-shirts into a pull toy instead of throwing them out.

Teach your dog to "find the goodies" for a fun game

Teach your dog to 'find their delicacies' by hiding them throughout the house. Simple nose job games are a great way to keep your dog engaged and mentally aroused. This is Maple's favorite indoor game without a doubt.

Make your own flirting stick

Prepare a flirtation stick for dogs that like to chase and / or have strong prey. Just remember to make it easier with this exercise as it is quite effective and can be tough on the dog's joints.

Prepare a dog toy again

Is your dog going wrong with stuffed toys? If your dog likes to rip stuffed animals, you can make a toy for dogs that can be refilled.

Buy a children's pool to keep your dog busy

Does your dog enjoy the water? Keep your dog cool in the summer using a plastic children's pool in the yard. They are also inexpensive.

Does your dog like water? Buy them a backyard kids' pool.

Turn your dog into their digging box

If your dog likes to dig, you can preserve your garden by teaching them to use their digging box.

Play a nice interactive game of attraction with your dog

A game of attraction for 5 minutes works wonders for your dog's fatigue and allows him to get rid of some of this fenced energy. (And no - it will not make your dog aggressive despite the old myth)

Prepare simple frozen dog treats

Looking for an easy way to hire your dog? Make them some treats for frozen dogs. Freeze soup in ice trays to give your dog a nice little treat on those hot summer days


Swap their toys מכונת תספורת לכלבים to keep their interest

Just like we get bored the dogs get bored with new חטיפים לכלבים things after a while, and that includes their toys. Maintain their interest by exchanging their access to them. Once your dog has not seen their blue ball in a month, they will be given a whole new appreciation the next time he shows up.

59 life burglaries for dog owners

Is your dog bored with their toys? Try intermittently to keep their interest.

Check for fleas by giving your dog a white towel check

Do you think your dog has fleas? Let them lay on a white towel while you examine and brush their fur. The sheet relieves any loose flea dirt that falls from your dog.

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