What Features make the Smart TV So User Friendly?

Posted by tanjnipache on May 21st, 2021

The past decade has seen the android smart tv become very popular with viewers. From the time it was first introduced until today, the units sold annually have only increased. With the global pandemic forcing people to stay indoors, the sales of Smart TVs is only expected to increase.

The reason for this popularity is the seamless experience it offers to its viewers. The interface is also very user-friendly and this makes its operations quite easy. To understand more about the user-friendliness of the Smart TV, it is important to get a few more details about the Smart TV.

Simply speaking any TV that can be used to access the internet is known as a Smart TV. The integrated internet and other interactive web features incorporated within this TV makes it easy for users to browse the internet, stream videos and music, play games etc. Thus, Smart TVs can be defined as a technological convergence of three devices, namely the computer, the digital player and the traditional television.

In a Smart TV, the firmware of the TV set contains a preloaded operating system. This OS provides easy access to digital content including apps. These apps too can be installed on-demand in the same way that apps are downloaded and installed into the smartphone. A 4k android tv is a good example of a Smart Tv preloaded with the Android OS and having a screen resolution of 4k.

The ease of functionality of the Smart TV is perhaps its crowning feature. The remote can be used to switch between applications easily. With the incorporation of advanced user-friendly features like the Google Assistant and AI, Smart TVs can also be made to respond to voice commands thereby increasing their ease of use.

Most Smart TVs come preloaded with several apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pandora etc. The availability of internet connectivity features like USB ports, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc., make it easy to connect the Smart TV to the internet. Once internet connectivity is enabled, viewers can watch OTT content, play games, watch DTH telecasts, live events etc. They can also access social media websites from the Smart TV. The presence of a bigger and wider screen with 4K resolution makes viewing a superlative experience.

Just like smartphones, the Smart TV can also be upgraded by getting its firmware updated over the internet. Additionally, all apps downloaded can also undergo updations to incorporate the changes that their makers keep implementing.

Another important utility of the Smart TV is its compatibility with other Smart devices. Thus, external devices like Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, smartphones, laptops, digital media players and other such interactive devices that can be connected to the internet, can also be easily attached to Smart TVs.

The Smart TV technology is ever-evolving. New and improved features are further increasing its user-friendliness. The best 4k ultra hd tv available today are a joy to operate because of the interactive user interface they come equipped with. Thus, the Smart TV is extremely user-friendly and very popular with a wide range of viewers.

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