Dogs are amazing animals

Posted by Hermann Underwood on May 21st, 2021

Dogs are amazing animals and without them, life would be very boring for us humans. Do you love your dogs? If you love your dogs, then you should know about their intelligence, their curiosity, their keen senses and much more. Did you know that dogs can recognize up to 50 different types of scent? That is way to much power for a creature as small as a dog! Their sense of smell is up to 40 times better than our own. They even have a unique nose plugs called 'spikes' that help dogs to identify the various scents of other dogs. So, if a human or a bear walks into the room, your domestic dog will instantly know! This type of recognition is also present in dogs when they are put in a confined space. When a dog is confined in a crate, it will mark its territory by rubbing itchy parts along the ceiling, floor, or wherever is available. Puppies Name Dogs are able to understand human speech and are excellent at mimicking what humans do. They can actually tell you how they feel or what they need. Dogs also use their sense of smell in other ways such as playing peek-a-boo with their toys or licking things, just to mention a few. Dogs are human best friend While dogs often see themselves as our best friends, there are some who take on the role of our enemies. The coyote, the fox, the bear and the other high energy animals that sometimes eat our pets are dogs' biggest enemies. While dogs can sometimes see these animals as food, once they attack or bite them, dogs often feel deep regret afterwards. As mentioned, dogs often use their sense of smell in other ways such as hunting or defending themselves. The gray wolf, the domestic dogs' arch enemy, is another highly evolved breed of canine. The gray wolf is not only larger in size than the canids, but is also stronger, faster and more cunning. The dogs' great size is what allows the wolves to dominate other canids such as the jackal. While Puppies name have several natural enemies, including hawks, weasels and wolves, the dogs have no natural enemies in the wild unlike the gray wolves. The dogs are an incredibly important part of the human race. We depend on dogs for help in many aspects of life including therapy dogs for the blind, hearing dogs to aid those with hearing difficulties and service dogs for the physically handicapped. Without dogs on the planet, man would have been wiped out about ten centuries ago. Even today, dogs play an important role in our everyday lives and are treated with honor as our companions.

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