Why are smartphones being increasing used today?

Posted by sunainaram on October 5th, 2015

Being available anytime and anywhere is a boon to a business owners and professionals. This has become possible due to the advent of mobile phones and tablets in the recent times. By way of these tech-savvy devices, one can accessible almost anywhere and at anytime; so long as the network permits. The real hassle comes when it comes to deciding whether one should opt for a mobile phone or a tablet. Both are strong contenders and making a choice could be a fathom of a task.

With the market being invaded with newly launched gadgets, people have a choice whether to settle for a high or a low price mobile in Bangladesh. Depending on the usage features and of course the budget, a decision can be arrived at what type of gadget to buy. The information here below would aid you in arriving at a decision as to which gadget is appropriate for you –


A little while ago, we were only familiar with smartphones. With the launch of iPad, it gave rise to demand for tablets. Tablet price in Bangladesh also varies as each tablet comes with its own set of distinct features which makes it a lucrative buy.

Tablets are a cross between smartphones and laptops. While both run on operating systems – the two most popular being iOS and Google’s Android. Tablets and smartphones both use these OS.
One big difference which takes smartphones a step ahead than tablets is connectivity to internet. Most tablets require WiFi connection, while even a low price mobile in Bangladesh can be connected via WiFi, 2G or 3G connection.

Smartphones enable making calls, sending SMS messages. Tablets are not compatible with this feature. Tablets enable a lot of functionalities that one can get only in computers and also facilitate a good user experience.

Tablets yet outweigh smartphones because of the number of added and user-friendly features that they offer –

1.A large internal memory
2.Watching videos
3.Reading e-books
4.Surfing the internet
5.A full virtual keyboard useful for online chatting, social networking and sending emails.

Big screen size of 7 – 10.5 inches offers a magnificent visual experience for the last three features mentioned above.


A smartphones fulfil the needs as a phone first. Their primary function is connectivity. They allow users to call, text and also have additional features as well. Tablets are however more like a mini computer and provide powerful functionalities and capabilities to a user. The only downside to a tablet is that they can’t be used to make calls.

Before making a decision to buy, it is vital to make a comparison of features, usage and tablet price in Bangladesh and then give it a go!

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