Enhance Your Networking Skills through Online Cisco Certified Courses in Dubai

Posted by Nadiatraininginstitute on October 5th, 2015

Cisco certified courses have become one of the most valuable types of training available in the field of information technology. As networks evolve into more complex arrays of systems and devices, Cisco-certified professionals in Dubai are becoming indispensable in positioning, streamlining, protecting network integrity. If you work in the IT field, enrolling in CCNP (Professional) or CCNA (Associate) training can help jumpstart your career. If you run a company, investing in Cisco training for your IT employees can let your organization enjoy many benefits.

Advantages of Cisco Training for Companies in Dubai

Studies show that people who receive formal Cisco technologies training make fewer errors and demonstrate higher levels of productivity compared to those who only receive on-the-job training. Cisco certified professionals also possess the exact skills employers like you are looking for, showing improved speed, quality, and depth in customer interactions. Formal training teaches students how to manage Cisco networks via real-life labs and scenarios. They are able to think ahead and anticipate possible issues before they even happen.

Advantages of Cisco Training for IT Professionals

CCNA or CCNP certification increases your chances of getting ahead at work. Are you looking to get that promotion? Training brings you several steps closer to your goal. Many CCNA and CCNP graduates enjoy an increase in salary after getting their certifications. And even if your current employer does not grant you that pay raise, you can always move to another employer in Dubai—another company will be happy to give you the salary you are asking for in exchange for taking care of their networks.

A CCNA is a stepping stone for other, more advanced certifications—in fact, it is a pre-requisite for many other types of Cisco certifications. If you are looking to further beef up your resume, start with this. Being certified means you can officially put those magic letters—CCNA or CCNP—right after your name. For the next three years (from the day you get your certification), you can legally and ethically use ‘CCNA’ or ‘CCNP’ on your resume and your business card. You will also receive a certificate, CCNA/CCNP card, and a letter from Cisco to prove your achievement. What’s more, having a CCNA or even a CCNP certificate lets you command more respect not only from your employer, but also from your colleagues. Being able to say that you are Cisco-certified can kick start you’re networking career or allow you to achieve new heights.

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