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Posted by Jvc hk on October 6th, 2015

Initiating a limited company is not an easy task; the whole endeavor gets on nerve sometimes when you have to deal with different issues, all on your own. There are several laws and regulations that one needs to follow and when one or two are overruled, for the owner, it becomes challenging to operate anymore. However, Hong Kong is one such place where you can start your venture almost without a glitch, as here rules are not that severe and availability of resources is plenty. When you are involved into Hong Kong company incorporation, it is not possible for you to pursue everything individually like keeping record of all updates concerning laws and policies and complying with all regulations. So what you need, you need an expert to support you and in such scenario who can beat the increasing reputation of JV Consultants Limited. This agency will help you in conducting Company Registry Search, interpreting new policy and requirements, also to maintain accounting and tax hassles.

One of the main problems that often budding setups face during its initial stage is completing their Trademarks Registration In Hong Kong.  Although it is not an intricate, time gnawing procedure but if you have, made slightest mistake while submitting papers or while choosing the trademark then definitely the procedure will become one complex course of action for you to complete. Trade Marks Ordinance is what responsible for protecting trademark in Hong Kong, this ordinance comes under the common law doctrine. When you Register a trade mark, you need to keep in mind few fundamental policies and prerequisite. Trademarks are needed to be distinctive and unique; you cannot copy someone else’s mark. Copying trademark may put you in severe trouble even putting you behind bars. Now you cannot go for any mark or symbol. You need to choose something, which bears likeness to the product or service in terms of quality, kind, value, purpose, demographic origin, time, generic value, service quality or any other relevant characteristic. You may go for direct Registry Search Online and choose a name for your company.
While choosing the mark you cannot just go for anything like the symbol or icon should not be too small or too large. The shape should render substantial value to the items. You should stay away from indistinctive marks where features do not clearly bear the significance of the items or services. Trademarks Registration In Hong Kong is not overly complex a process but clarity and transparency is maintained. Now if you have chosen a trademark, which had been in utilization long back, could be registrable under special consideration. Usually it takes few months to have your Trademark Registration process completed. This is because there will be different checking and verification done.

Now JV Consultants Limited will rightfully be informing you how you can effectively complete the procedure of Trademark Registration, with their Company Registry Search you can conduct full investigation about the names you have been thinking to give to your company. This agency is having incredible database so there is no slightest possibility, that your chosen name will go unnoticed when you are carrying out the registry search.

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