What are the Types of Maritime Accidents forWhichYou Consult an Offshore Injury

Posted by Aaeesha on October 6th, 2015

Working at sea can be very difficult as it is not just physically grueling, but also very emotionally hard as you are far away from your family and loved ones. If any accident occurs when you working, you can claim certain compensations and benefits. The first thing you should remember is that you have a right to consult an offshore injury attorney and avail independent medical care, if required. The law states that a maritime employee, whether working in the sea or on the shore is entitled to receive the relevant benefits if any accident occurs when they were working.

In case you are severely hurt by any of the common offshore accidents, you are entitled to some time off and proper medical care till you regain your health. You can consult an offshore injury attorney if you were injured while handing maritime cargo or working on a crane. Sometimes accidents may occur due to improper care and maintenance of jack-up rigs. In such cases also you can go to a lawyer to claim your benefits.

A passenger travelling in a cruise ship, if injured during an accident onboard or was sexually assaulted, then he/she can avail the services of an offshore injury lawyer. In case, the accident occurred due to drug or alcohol overdose by the crew or another passenger on the ship, then the passenger can go to a lawyer. 

Oil rigs out in the sea are one of the most inhospitable places for anyone to work. While working with the highly combustible substances, there are plenty of chances for accidents to occur. You can consult an offshore injury attorney if you have been injured in an oil rig accident.

In case the accident happens due to negligence of the crew or the management or because of improper maintenance of equipment, then you can definitely take the help of law to claim your maintenance and cure benefits.

An offshore injury attorney will help you understand the principles of maintenance and cure benefits that you can avail when you are injured due to a maritime accident. You will be entitled to complete medical and after hospitalization care benefits. The attorney will also help you claim compensation the lost wages and the loss of your future earnings. So, when you’re hurt because of a maritime accident, don’t feel sad and depressed about your condition. Consult a reliable attorney and get compensation for your loss, so you can get well soon and provide for your loved ones at the same time.  

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