Die Casting Alloys Used by Die Cast Manufacturers

Posted by sunainaram on October 7th, 2015

Metal die casting is a manufacturing process used in the production of spare parts, tools and other industrial appliances. In this process, molten metal is injected at very high pressure into a cast that is designed in the shape of the end product. After the molten metal cools, it is released from the mould. The process is simple, straightforward and highly efficient. Die cast manufacturers will be able to produce high-quality end products with minimum production time using this technique. Depending on the type of end product, different types of die casting alloys are used. Alloys with low fusing temperature and non-ferrous nature are generally preferred for the die casting process. Listed below are some of the metal alloys used in the die cast process:

Aluminium Alloy
This alloy is used for die casting of surgical instruments, gears and other automobile parts. In some cases, magnesium is added to this alloy to enhance its tensile strength while nickel is also added to the metal to make it more rigid and give it a clean surface finish. This die casting alloy is strong, lightweight and easy to cast. But the downside is that it will require elaborate finishing work like plating.

Zinc Alloy
Die cast manufacturers use zinc alloy in the production of lightweight spare parts. This easy-to-cast metal is combined with copper and tin, which will increase its strength and flexibility. This metal alloy cannot withstand alkaline or salt water conditions, and is not used in the production of parts exposed to these conditions.

Tin Alloys
Tin alloys are very light in weight and are highly resistant to water, acids and alkaline. Plus, these die casting alloys have high resistance to corrosion. Therefore, tin alloy parts are generally used in applications related to the food industry. Copper and antimony are added to tin to enhance its strength.

Lead Alloys
Die cast manufacturers make use of lead alloys in the production of bearings, fire safety equipment and other related products. This metal alloy has high corrosion resistance and is easy to cast. Plus, lead alloys are safe for use in the production of products related to the food industry.

Bronze Alloy
This metal alloy is used in the manufacture of decorative products, washers and camshaft components. The castings produced using this metal alloy have very accurate specifications and durable surface. It is used in the manufacture of products that can withstand up to 8000 pounds per square inch of tensile strength.

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