5 Steps in the UX process, from understanding the requirement to going into Desi

Posted by Sudha Solutions on May 22nd, 2021

The user experience design cycle is based on the user-centered design method in 3 acts: UX analysis phase, UX design phase, UX evaluation phase. The UX design methodology is a method within the method: the user-centered design cycle is part of the project management methodology.

5-step UX process 

The UX process is divided into five predefined steps that will guide you throughout your project.

1. The user discovery phase and the analysis of your current user experience

This process, therefore, begins with a first step: actively listening to your users (who can be customers, prospects, collaborators, etc.). This phase of user discovery is essential because it lays the foundations for dialogue and "collaboration" with them. User discovery is constructed as follows:

  • Identifying the need: listening to them without filter and without interpretation,
  • Categorization of needs: which need corresponds to which part of the course?
  • Prioritizing their needs: depending on the purpose of your user journey
  • Translate its needs into functionalities.

To understand the need of users, you can take the help of the best design studios in India.

2. Analysis of the user experience on your site and that of your competitors

The analysis of the UX of your website or your digital tool is, therefore, a prerequisite before setting the optimization objectives of the course. If you want to see improvements, you must already know where you are.

Behavioral analysis- To complete the information resulting from the "clicks," an anonymized behavioral analysis can be carried out. You can take the assistance of the best design studios in India for the behavioral analysis of your company. The recorded data is completely anonymous and provides access to maps of each page and to recordings of the journey.

User interview- The third channel is simply direct contact with the user. This time you can afford to ask the opinion and no longer be solely on the observation. This makes it possible to have a dialogue and to deepen the subjects. For conducting user interviews, collaborate with the best UX agencies in Mumbai.

UX benchmark of your competitors- Finally, a quality UX watch will allow you to audit user experiences offered by other players, in other sectors, other countries, etc. you can collaborate with the best design studios in India that spends around 30% of their time doing digital monitoring, which feeds into all our project reflections.

3. Co-construction of an optimized user experience

Once your user experience has been identified, you must prioritize UX optimizations, and this is where "feature scoring" (read "feature voting") makes perfect sense. During this step, you must succeed in aligning the vision of your company and the needs of the users by weighting the different lines that make up your backlog.

4. The design of the experience, visualize the new website

Following the construction of the "theoretical" user experience, it is necessary to move on to practice and prototyping. As the first exchange workshops, it is always very interesting to integrate the user during the prototyping and/or design phase.

This can be done remotely, ideally with the group of ambassadors, but you can also open up to a wider user panel. The best design studios in India recommend doing the design test with two groups, on one side the ambassadors and on the other a sample that did not participate in the functional design phase.

5. Implementation: test & learn

That's it; the prototype has been well received, the design is validated, everything is ready, the last step: implementation. You just have to put it into production and remain attentive to the next step, which will consist of optimizing another workflow, adding a new feature, a new user role, etc.


The UX process is therefore much more important than an additional step in your project cycle. It stimulates your way of thinking about your product and your relationship with your valuable users. Rely upon the best ui ux agency in India like Sudha Solutions - www.sudhasolutions.com for user-centric and well-optimized UI/UX design phases.

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