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Although the use of smart phone technology is on the rise in Africa, text messaging remains the primary mode of delivering m-health interventions. The rate at which mobile phone technologies are being adopted may outpace the rate of evaluation. Other methods of evaluation should be considered beyond only randomized-controlled trials. Outcomes among HIV -infected children initiating HIV care and antiretroviral treatment in Ethiopia. Improved health among people living with HIV /AIDS who received packages of proven preventive health interventions, Amhara, Ethiopia. VS may remain suboptimal unless ART is scaled up and adherence interventions are included in measures to improve the treatment cascade. Aspergillus niger showed resistance to lower concentrations of the plant extract, whereas, higher concentrations of the extract showed significant zones of inhibition against fungi. Heating costs of greenhouse production are the costs incurred for increasing the temperature inside the greenhouse on cold days and nights, as required by the plants produced in the greenhouse. Heating costs of a protected cultivation has a high rate, namely 60 to 70 %, in production costs. Therefore, it is very important to calculate temperature requirements of greenhouses accurately for reducing production costs. In this study, a different method has been used to calculate temperature requirements of the greenhouse. Generally, calculation of temperature requirement is based on the difference between the lowest average exterior temperature on that region and optimum temperature required for plants. Without efficient, clean energy, people are undermined in their efforts to engage effectively in productive activities and improve their quality of life . In order to contribute to the overall development in India, access to modern energy and cleaner fuel for rural households is important. There is a need to bridge the access gap by expanding energy systems to meet the energy requirements of the fast growing population and mitigate the threat of climate change. The best possible solution to the energy poverty challenges lies in the shift towards sustainable energy technologies. In the present scenario, the uncontrollable increase in use of non-renewable energies such as fossil fuel, oil, natural gas has led to fluctuation of demand and supply. This negative energy balance for decades has forced India to purchase energy from other countries to fulfill the needs of the entire country. Implant placed at the end of the distal extension removable partial denture has been reviewed in past as one of the successful as well as convenient treatment modalities for solving such problems. This case report deals with a similar situation in which a 62 year old patient with a kennedy’s class II modification was national exam for surgical technician certification treated with an implant supported partial denture to successfully restore his masticatory ability and provide him with comfort. Azolla anabaena azollae is a symbiotic association between the aquatic fern Azolla and nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria anabaena azollae, by the exchange of carbon and nitrogen between them. Patients at the end-of-life, near the time of death, have high levels of sleep disturbances that can be detected early, with better diagnostic accuracy, with the Sleep-Worry-Q. Although from a clinical point of view, the application of the Sleep-Problem-Q may be more advantageous, as it presents good diagnostic accuracy, greater simplicity, and brevity. Healthcare practitioners in Asian communities must align themselves with the values and needs of patients and their family and jointly make decisions that are consistent and congruent with the values of patients and their families. Sensitivity towards such cross-cultural practices is key to enhancing ACP awareness, discourse, and acceptability in Asian communities. Results demonstrated a successful implementation of the program as evidenced through favorable program evaluation, significant gains in self-efficacy, as well as significant improvement in several communication skills. This might be true primarily because the language itself is currently in use in living situations only among the educated upper middle class. the working class do not have easy access to this nor do they require it, and in the case of the upper class there is virtually very little self-reflexivity nor commitment to the literary. The present status of Dipolog Bay was assessed at three selected sites and two substations . The physico – chemical and biological characteristics of seawater were determined from the water samples of the three stations from March to May 2016. Data on total coliforms, fecal coliforms, heterotrophic plate count, total suspended solids, nitrates, phosphates, as well as the physico-chemical parameters such as dissolved oxygen, salinity, pH and temperature were collected and analyzed. This experiment used water hyacinth as a activated carbon for the removal of phosphate from the wastewater in Pune region. In order to obtain the optimization of a given experiment, we need to carry out a triage, using either full or fractional factorial planning. This eliminates the variables called factors, which are not significant in the experiment. Employing multi-stage sampling technique 200 households were interviewed to gather data. Primary quantitative data were collected using interview schedule through face-to-face interview whereas qualitative data were collected through key informant interview and focus group discussion. The computed independent T-test for the mean income difference was statistically highly significance between adopters and non-adopters, suggesting that adopters were in better-off position to improve their livelihood. From the 17 explanatory variables entered into the model, 10 variables were found to be statistically significant in determining adoption of SLM Practices by farmers in the study area at less than 1, 5 to 10% probability levels. Present time is the era of changing food, sedentary lifestyle and mental stress, all these factors disturbs the digestive system resulting into many diseases. Alcoholic hepatitis is a major life-threatening illness caused by chronic alcohol intake. Corticosteroids remain the mainstay of treatment in severe alcoholic hepatitis. Pentoxiphylline is used as an alternative drug where corticosteroids are contraindicated. In this review, we attempted to evaluate the largest multi-centric trial, “STOPAH”, which focused on possible treatment modalities for severe alcoholic hepatitis. Thus, special products like mosquito repellents for combating mosquitoes are required. A series of experiment were conducted to optimize the of Marigold flower petals, concentration of Marigold flower petals extract, concentration of mordant and dyeing time on the basis of optical density and mosquito repellency test. After that padded and cured samples with Marigold flower petals were more methanol for different time and tested for wash durability and mosquito repellency test and its 95 percent mosquito repellency. The rationale of pediatric endodontics is to preserve a primary tooth in the arch till its permanent counterpart replaces it. A thorough knowledge of the internal anatomy of primary teeth is essential for complete debridement and efficacious endodontic treatment of these teeth. Undetected or missed root canals can leave dormant bacteria in the root canal, thus hampering the success of pulpectomy. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and presented in tables and graphs and charts using frequencies, percentages and degrees. The result and the findings of this study reveals that socio-cultural beliefs and values, female teacher self-perception, are some of the major challenges facing female teachers participation in management position. The study has also recommended concrete measure such as adult and continuing education to promote lifelong learning. Examines the theory and practice of real time analysis techniques for prediction of stock price trend by using a transformed data set in ordinal data format. The original pre transformed data source contains data of heterogeneous data types used for handling of currency values and financial ratios.

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