7 Travel Gadgets That Make Great Gifts

Posted by Bridges Connolly on May 22nd, 2021

There's no better time and energy to exploit the usefulness of gadgets than if you are traveling. For entertainment or comfort or convenience there is a many options to explore. Here is a list of my pick of the greatest ones that can really make a difference to your traveling experience. A travel-lover on your own gift list will be delighted with one of these! 1. The Power Monkey The iPhone has become the handiest gadget around with its small size and legion of apps. Additional info once you get app-intensive (such as when you're traveling) may be the lack of battery-life hampering your usage. This is where the Power Monkey comes in. It could re-charge your phone, iPod, camera, or other electronic devices, if you are not near a plug. Its huge power reserve can deliver up to 40 extra hours on your own iPod! Includes an adapter for overseas charging. A lifesaver! 2. The Amazon Kindle With a seven days battery life (two weeks with the wifi turned off) the Amazon Kindle can supply your reading needs for even the longest journeys. An anti-glare screen allows reading, even yet in direct sunlight, of any of the 1,500 books you can store in its memory. From a potential library of over two million titles, you may never run out of reading options and several pre-1923 out-of-copyright books are for free. Even the books you purchase are priced at a reduced rate for the Kindle. A portable library for 9. 3. The Apple iPad For online reading, tweeting, Facebooking, movie watching or just plain internet browsing, the Apple iPad is a lot more convenient than your standard laptop. The battery lasts around 11 or 12 hours based on application usage, therefore the iPad will keep you entertained for all however the longest international flights. There's some crossover with the Kindle, but with the versatility of the iPad (with 200,000 apps!) you've got a lot more options besides just reading to help keep you occupied. Work or fun for 9. 4. The Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Charger If you are out backpacking or engaging in any other activity that may leave you far from a power source, the Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Charger can perform what the energy Monkey can't - utilize the sun's rays to charge up your cell phone or iPod. It can also charge from a power outlet, and store that power for a year. Solar powered energy for .99. 5. A Clip-On Bottle Holder This handy carabiner includes a doohickey attached that slips on the neck of any water bottle, enabling you to clip it to a belt loop or backpack. Staying hydrated whilst travelling could be tricky, especially while rushing through airports and waiting at terminals, never mind just on the flight. This little gadget ensures you've always got a water source within easy reach. An excellent gift at .85. 6. Eagle Creek Compact Comfort Travel Pillow What gadget list will be complete with out a travel pillow? If you are on a long, overnight flight, having an excellent neck pillow makes a huge difference between a restful sleep and a sore neck. The Eagle Creek Compact Comfort Travel Pillow is easily inflatable with only two quick breaths, and deflates at the touch of a button. Save your valuable neck for .85. 7. The iPod/iPhone Video Projector No larger than a bag of chips, this iPod Video Projector can project up to a 60" video image on an adjacent wall or ceiling, so I can watch movies in my most favorite position possible - prone. (Preferably with a far more than substantial vessel of tasty popcorn parked precariously on my chest.) Useful when residing in spartan accommodations, this ensures you involve some nighttime entertainment covered. This pocket-sized projector isn't only compatible with iPods - additionally it is works with any video device with composite outputs, such as camcorders and laptops. 9.95. These travel gadgets go quite a distance to keeping any traveler entertained, in contact, rested, and happy. Any one of them can make a perfect gift for the favorite traveler (or for yourself)!

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