Biggest Advantages Of Online Backup Through Cloud

Posted by apollogatemotor on October 7th, 2015

It is a fact of life that achieving your data is a must in order to prevent a data disaster. However, according to an estimate almost one-third of the computers are never backed up according to a poll that was carried out by Harris Interactive. It is really sad that very few people try to protect their key data. The traditional method of taking backups on external drives is being slowly replaced by an increasingly popular technique where an online backup service is used where data is saved on servers that are part of the cloud. The beauty of this method is that no extra hardware is needed and once it has been set up, the system can automatically do the backup when your computers are idle. Online backup is a real popular alternative to storing your data on local drives.

Here are the 5 biggest advantages of taking online backup through the cloud:

Affordability: In case you are running a small sized business, you may have limited IT budget. Thus it becomes imperative to use a solution that really works for you and would not require your clients to bear any capital expenditure. You need to shell out only a reasonable amount of money every year and your customers can have their data backup done on the cloud.

Access your data anywhere and anytime: If you are availing the online backup facility in the cloud, your customers can access their data from anywhere and anytime. The only criteria for your customers would be to have an Internet access and then they are ready to access their data using a smart phone app or their computers quite easily. You do not even need to carry with your laptop along while you are travelling or go back to your office to access that all important file.

Offsite storage: It is quite crucialto save a copy of your file offsite. Though your important business files many be backed up on a local file server, yet natural calamities like fire, flood or hurricane can destroy your computers as well as your backups. Keeping a backup of your files in the cloud will ensure the safety of data irrespective of what is happening at your office.

Simplicity of use: Ongoing restoration and management of data have become very easy cloud backup solutions. Now a user needs to just click his mouse a few times to find the backed up files and restore them.

Automatic: Lack of adequate time is the common reason cited by several companies for their inability to take data backup. Taking backup on the cloud will not require any extra time commitment for your customers or you. Computer files can be easily backed up in the cloud continuously and automatically whenever your computers are connected to Internet.

The cloud has indeed changed the way data backup is being taken across industries. However, with several cloud services available in the market, you need to decide carefully which online backup service you should use.

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