Are hiring escorts safe?

Posted by MichealH Alexander on May 22nd, 2021

What is life without risks? We are not saying you should be regularly hitting yourself over the head with a hammer just because it feels so good when you stop, but do learn to live and enjoy yourself in a world full of risks and dangers.

That said, hiring escorts is mostly safe if you do it right. Only an unlucky few have issues with the escorts they hire and if you have your head screwed on right and stay alert, there’s every chance you will have a very splendid and memorable time with your escort of choice. Escort France

Now, before you hire an escort from either an escort agency or an online ad, take the time to check out their reviews (If they have any). Check out forums and ask around about them. Are they always polite and do they deliver? Or are they always late, dirty, antagonistic, and insulting? Do your research and try not to book an escort without checking her out or digging into the escort agency where she works at.

If your gambling man like myself, well consider me lucky then cause I have never had an issue seeing escorts, but there are some horror stories. These are uncertain times. That means there are some girls who advertise escort services online but end up robbing you blind or taking nude pictures of you and blackmailing you with these. That’s why it is so important to be alert both during the booking process and when actually meeting your escort. Do your thing, but keep an eye out for trouble.

In case you were unaware, there are some pretty scary STDs out there. You can reduce the chances of catching these from your escort by always using protection when you two get intimate. Furthermore, unless you have known your escort for a long time and trust her, do not kiss her or perform oral sex without a dental dam. Even though some escorts are ok with giving you a blowjob with no condom, we really don’t recommend it.

If safe sex is your priority, we would suggest massage parlors and rub & tug joints. However, the sexual services offered in such places are often limited to stimulation of the genitalia. Places such as these are also seldom glamorous and luxurious and most could do with a thorough cleaning.

Where Do Escorts Typically Like To Meet?

Generally, most escorts stay in hotels they know and are familiar with. They are safe in such places, comfortable, and able to move around as much as they wish and as their professional needs dictate.

Now, escorts perform both incalls and outcalls. In the former, you come to them and they are usually in a hotel or a private place of their own. In the latter, they go to where you might be, which might be your home, your hotel room, a nightclub, garden, or anywhere else you feel comfortable meeting with them.

While some escorts are perfectly happy with letting you come to see them in their own houses, others take the step of renting houses or Airbnb’s for the specific purpose of entertaining their clientele and having fun between the sheets. These houses and apartments might not be all that excellently furnished, but they are usually luxurious and optimized for short term stays. Escort Germany

There are also escorts who like to meet their clientele in massage parlors and bathhouses. These are also known as “rub and tug” establishments and are usually tacky commercial buildings with a simple sign above the doorway. Enter and get massages of the kind that soothes the body and milks your snaky member of all the fluids it can produce!

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