Drugs In Tap Water - How To Protect Yourself

Posted by Dolores on May 22nd, 2021

Kevin: So why don't we tell everyone a little bit about who you are and why you're on this call and some of your history with water and the environment.

So what is the alternative? Is bottled water better than tap water? You might be surprised to hear that there are no regulations in place to standardize quality in bottled water. And unless these bottles are transported into another state, they are happily bought and drunk without people giving the matter a second thought. When you start to read the labels, you find out that many brands of bottled water are actually nothing more than glorified tap water.

Take some time today and ponder what in your life does not promote wellness. Get a notebook or a journal and make a list. Resolve to replace what doesn't promote wellness with behaviors which do promote wellness. Make a second list of positive behaviors you wish to change to. Then go at them one at a time.

Some stocks that made moves on the upside under ten bucks include Encysive Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ENCY), the company stated that the Food and Drug Administration is reviewing their drug to treat high blood pressure in the pulmonary arteries, a condition called pulmonary arterial hypertension. This sent the stock up over .96 to close at .01 Back in March the company delayed its study with TBC3711 and the stock dropped from .45 to .60 within a couple of days, so you may still see some upward movement on Encysive going into next week.

Are you sure that your well water is safe? Well, it may not always be well. In suburban areas tests have found caffeine contamination. This is probably due to the popularity of coffee as a beverage. It may be leaking from insufficient septic tanks in rural areas into the surrounding area. The presence of caffeine may also indicate that other drugs are present in well water. This does not promote wellness at all.

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is on a tear as they have just unveiled a government site search, basically this is a new function that will allow web surfers to locate click here data and information that are available on federal agency websites. This should come in handy not only for web surfers but for the government agencies themselves, giving their employees access to information quickly and easily.

Did you know that taking antibiotics and/or birth control pills can increase your chances of developing bacterial vaginosis? Both of these pharmaceuticals weaken your immune system which results in you being more susceptible to infections. Prevention in the case of bacterial vaginosis is the greatest advice you can follow for this disease.

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