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The Glass is a material you all are familiar with. We see it everywhere. The latest ongoing trend is the usage of glass chair. As uncomfortable as glass slippers you have welcomed these trends into your houses. Modern transportation incorporated glass windows for the better visual ability for travelers. It comes with no surprise that modern architecture also use glass for practicality.


Earlier houses merely meant shelter. Four walls and a roof would satisfy any living then. But today such foundation belong only to the dead. Mankind has moved on from caves to a bungalow and now to city townhouses. Along their way, they picked up certain trends that are never out of style.

Your house speaks of your personality. They house speaks for themselves. Itabout functionality and comfort with a hintof luxury. Such luxury follows up keeps and ST GEORGE WINDOW CLEANING techniques helps you to do it yourself.


The use of glass in architectural designs has advantages. Glasses are used in windows to naturally lit houses even when closed. This encourages on more usage of glass materials in wall construction. They are also a bad conductor of heat which conditions air inside your house. Especially when ST GEORGE WINDOW CLEANING comes in handy.Usage of glasses is energy efficient.It is because of external architectural view, your house will turn out to be decorative and stunning.

An architect can showcase his creativity by using different patterns and colors of glass. There are toughened and laminated glasses well suited for inside use in your home. They are strong and provide safety. A house interior will turn out stylish and elegant when maintained by proper ST GEROGE WINDOW CLEANING for these transparent materials.

Glasses can make spectacular focal points in and around your house. Furniture that use glass inside a house can be table tops, floors and ceilings, bathroom vanities. Glass are turning to be the basis of creativity in modern architecture. Yes, they are more expensive than other material. They are also very versatile, durable can comes with the scratch resistant property. The reason that glasses can be maintained by ST GEORGE WINDOW CLEANING assistance, architects and building owner still choose them.


Few amazing glass structure all around the world is artists’ inspiration to other artists of the world. Here are few creative use of glass in architecture to inspire your house designs:

  1. Sports and Leisure Center in Saint-Cloud, France ( by Koz Architects)
  2. Selgas Cano Architecture Office
  3. Sears Tower ( glass balconies)
  4. Farnsworth House ( by Mies van der Rohe)
  5. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art ( by Steven Holl Architects)
  6. The Glass Houseboat ( by X-Architects)
  7. La Estancia Glass Chapel ( by Bunker Arquitectura)
  8. National Grand Theater of China ( by Architect Paul Andreu)
  9. Basque Health Department Headquarters of Bilbao, Spain ( by Coll-Barreu Architects)
  10. X House ( by Arquitectura X)
  11. Kanagawa Institute of Technology Glass Building

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