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Posted by heyadams on May 22nd, 2021

Dog grooming is a rewarding experience for many people. Grooming dogs and making them look beautiful can be both challenging and rewarding. 

Spokane WA dog grooming is a popular choice for dog owners looking for professional grooming services, and they provide basic services as well as more advanced ones.

The advantages of bathing your dog at home over professional grooming are many. There are also many advantages to grooming at home. At home, you don’t have all the equipment but at Dog Grooming Spokane WA, we will take care of your pet.

Why Dog Grooming Is Important

A dog groomer helps keep your pet's environment clean and healthy. They also maintain your pet's appearance and keep him or her looking stylish. Grooming is not only about looks, it's also about hygiene. 

Certain breeds require more frequent grooming than others because of the length of their coat, but all dogs benefit from regular brushing and nail trimming to prevent matting, skin problems, and other issues that can occur when they are neglected. 

And if you have a pet with allergies or sensitivities you will want to consult with an experienced groomer before choosing what products to use on them.

Dog Grooming Near Me in Spokane

Our experienced Dog Groomers will take care of your pet, and their fur, with love. Our services include bathing, brushing teeth, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and more.

Don't forget about our "Express" service that will get the knots out while you wait.

Dog Grooming Near Me is committed to providing the best possible customer experience, which means we use only safe products to groom your pet, and we can provide onsite dog boarding so they can stay nearby after grooming. 

Dog grooming is important because it keeps your pet healthy and happy. Grooming removes dead hair that could get in their eyes or ears, prevents your dog from licking themselves raw, and removes bugs and parasites on the coat that could transmit diseases to humans. 

It also prevents matting around the animal’s feet where they walk, which can lead to infections of the nails and toes. Dog grooming is also important because it helps keep your pet looking attractive. Your dog will feel more confident in itself as well! 

By bathing your pets regularly, you not only keep them clean but also remove all the dead skin or hair they're constantly licking off themselves - which makes it easier for dogs with allergies to breathe. 

It's best to bathe a dog every six weeks if you have an indoor animal or once a month if you are keeping one outside. The reason people say this is because some breeds molt twice yearly (such as German Shepherds) meaning these animals need two baths per year just for their shedding alone.

Dog Grooming to reduce Shedding

If your  pet is shedding, it's probably because of the natural process called "blowing coat."

Blowing coats are common in dogs, cats, and other animals, including horses. In this case, your pet is losing hair to make way for new growth, which typically occurs during spring or after a period of stress. 

In some instances, you may have accidentally overgroomed them just before blowing their coat, which can also result in fur loss. It’s important not to groom excessively at this time or they may shed more than usual due to overstimulation from being handled so much. 

You should only brush out loose hairs when needed and never pull on any mats with force - use scissors instead of a comb to cut out any knots.

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