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Posted by gracedashen on October 10th, 2015

For players, it is a boring thing to pay by some payment methods. Perhaps, when you place an order for rs 3 gold, 2007 rs gold,neverwinter xbox one astral diamonds or other products, There are much too unnecessary steps. Before RS3gold has the same issue, but now you can pay by paypal without any confirmation on our site. It is unnecessary by email confirmation and phone confirmation any more, Only 4 steps, get goods cheap and fast.

The first step: Place your order as usual

This step is as always. You can place your order as usual. Choose the goods you need and place your order. After your goods are chosen down, click “Quick Buy Now”.

The second step: Choose paypal to pay

Before checkout time, you have to fill in some information. The Email Address and your Character Name are the most important information in the trading so that you should make sure that these two are 100% correct and clear.


1. Make sure Email Address is 100% correct. This is the only way we can find you when something occasional occurs.

2. Make sure Character Name is 100% correct. That’s the only identity we admit when we deliver your gold or items in-game.

Though phone number is what you have to fill in here, unless you ask us to inform you by phone, we never disturb you actively. You can also leave us messages in column of “Leave Messages”. Besides, if you have an exclusive discount code, then you apply it to enjoy more benefits. If not, you can directly proceed to “Payment Method”.

Once you fill in the information, you choose PayPal as your payment, and then click "Pay Now". Your order will be successfully placed on our site.

The third step: Contact 24/7 Live Chat

Why is it necessary to contact 24/7 Live Chat? We have three reasons and wish you can really feel secure and personalized when you buy wow gold cheap or other products from us by Paypal.

1. Check the order just before the delivery. If the products you choose are listed fully and 100% correctly as well as are in store, ask the Reps to deliver them immediately.

2. Recheck your Character Name to make sure the products are sent to the right people.

3. Acquire the trading place from our customer service to make sure the first time you receive your gold on the right place.

The fourth step:Trade in game

After simplifying Paypal payment on RS3gold, now you don't need to wait for email/phone confirmation any more. The trade will be finished in-game and what you need to do next is to simply log in your game and wait for your goods at the place where we told you before.

Pay by Paypal make the payment become simple, you can buy neverwinter astral diamonds and other game products much quicker on RS3gold than before. What’s more, we are committed to offer cheap and safe products to customers. To sum up, you will enjoy the Paypal no confirmation when buy 2007 rs gold cheap,rs 3 gold cheap and other game products on RS3gold.

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