What Makes the Arabian Stallion the King of Racing?

Posted by tedmark on October 10th, 2015

If you are somewhat involved in horse racing contests you might already know a few things about the purebred Arabian stallion. Get better informed on what makes it king of racing and finding Arabian breeding studs. 

Arabian breeding studs have their own standards for professionalism and some are more dedicated and trusted than others. When you want to find an exceptional Arabian stallion you must first find out about the Arabian breeding process and what makes a purebred Arabian horse so unique.

First of all, you should know that an Arabian stallion is remarkable not only because of its beauty, but also because of its amazing capacities. Ancient Bedouins looked at the Arabian stallion as a precious gift from their god. It remained just as cherished today as it was centuries ago. You can recognize a pure blood Arabian stallion by its large eyes and nostrils, slender lower jaw, distinctive concave profile, rather small size, and broad forehead.

Some people have the misconception that because of their small size they are less suitable for equestrian sports. Any expert in this domain can clarify the subject and provide strong arguments why the Arabian stallion is an exceptionally powerful competitor that was bred to perfection. They can breathe easily while running, unlike other breeds, also their bone density is greater than many other equine breeds. They have impressive flexibility and are suited for endurance riding or horse racing, due to their longer and leaner muscles. Other taller horses actually have less physical strength than the purebred Arabian stallion.

Arabian breeding process must be permanently under the supervision of experienced vets. You can always trust those horse studs which are equipped with everything necessary for proper Arabian breeding and nurturing. When you virtually visit studs you must have a look at photo galleries that clearly reveal the equine natural habitat. See if they have special maternity stables, if they provide daily care and exercise, whether there is on site AI laboratory, and other details related to Arabian horse breeding. What’s most important is that they are accredited and well reviewed by specialists.

Other interesting facts you might have not known about Arabian stallions is that they are classified as ‘hot-blooded’ horses. Due to the fact that they are also very sensitive and intelligent they have the capacity to quickly learn new things. It’s easy to communicate with them and they are easy to train, especially because they also have a friendly nature. They are beautiful, sturdy, highly intelligent, and trainers are able to create strong emotional bonds with them. There many winners among pure blood Arabian horses and racing statistics make an obvious statement in this direction.

Therefore, you should feel encouraged to choose a purebred Arabian horse for your equestrian competition goals. Find a well-respected equine breeder who can guarantee for the high performance of personally nurtured pedigree Arabian stallions. Take your documentation further and good luck with your objectives!

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