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Posted by juanoliv3 on October 10th, 2015

If you are the lucky owner of one or more rabbits, you will need to provide safe and comfortable housing in hutches or cages. You can opt for a well-designed Rabbit Hutch that can be kept outside and that protects the rabbit and enables him to live safely outdoors. You can search online for hutches and for premium rabbit food like Oxbow Rabbit Food.

Rabbit hutches are versatile; they are made of different materials such as wood, metal, rabbit wire or a combination of all and they have a solid roof. Usually these hutches are elevated off the ground and they come with various accessories that are designed to enhance the comfort of your rabbit. The Rabbit Hutch offers your rabbit his own territory, a place of his own where no one else can enter. In the hutch you should have litter pans, that are designed to facilitate cleaning, dishes and bottles made of plastic or metal and caster.

It is your responsibility as a rabbit owner to make sure he is healthy, happy and safe and you should put at his disposal comfortable living quarters. The Rabbit Hutch is a perfect option for outdoor use as it allows the rabbit to live in a natural environment. You can opt for a pre-built hutch or choose one that is customized according to your requirements. It takes time to find a pre-built hutch that meets your particular needs, one that is easy to clean, properly insulated, is of a suitable size.

Custom hutches on the other hand are designed to increase the comfort of the rabbit and they can be built within your budget. There are several aspects you should keep in mind when searching for a hutch: size, cleaning and maintenance requirements, finishing, materials, rooms and zones. You should keep your bunny in a suitable environment, one that supports his health and well-being.

Once you create the perfect living quarters for your rabbit the next thing you have to do is decide on the food you will give him. You should feed him balanced food such as Oxbow Rabbit Food that has different types of fresh vegetables. This type of food is suitable for baby bunnies, providing a high caloric content that is much needed for their development. Oxbow rabbit has different varieties that include organic ingredients like hay, canola meal, wheat straw, sunflower meal, barley, flax seed, useful vitamins, cranberry, blueberry and supplements. This is nutritious and healthy food.

Oxbow Rabbit Food is balanced food that avoids health problems like loose stools, overgrown front teeth, blood in the urine or bald patches in the fur. Oxbow has carrot, chamomile, apple, banana, cranberry, papaya and it enables you to choose from all sorts of varieties that are rich in nutrition and taste great. You will be pleased to discover that your rabbit will love this food and he will be active and happy all day. Rabbit food should be high in fibre and low in calcium and protein. Your furry friend deserves the best food.

We are pleased to put at your disposal premium Rabbit Hutch and food. Contact us now for more information on Oxbow Rabbit Food.

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