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Posted by johnsmith001 on October 11th, 2015

Usually, there is not much debate regarding which shirts fit better - a tailored shirt ora retail shirt that is bought off-the-rack. A tailored shirt definitely fits better since it is customized to your body structure. So why do men still purchase off-the-rack?

There are 3 perceived advantages of retail shirts: design, price and speed. The actual alpha male inherently has the requirement to stand out from their peers and in this point in time; fashion is an essential requirement in this equation. Brand retail shirts follow modern fashion closely. There is a perceived notion that if a man wears a recently bought Ben Sherman or Raoul shirt, he is considered 'fashionable' by his peers. The truth is, a well designed shirt that does not fit well, i.e. the sleeves are too long, the collar is too tall, baggy waistline etc. is still a shirt that does not look good on you.

The key to fashion is NOT to find something that looks good on its own, but something that looks good on you.
Allow me to debunk some myths about the perceived advantages that retail shirts have over tailored shirts.

Design: A newer generation of tailors have entered the industry and these tailors are kept abreast of the latest shirt fashion that is in the market. They should be able to produce and match designs found in retail chains. Tailors that provide a more personalized service will also recommend that you try designing your shirts according to popular fashion.

Price: Custom or made to measure shirts are now matching or sometimes beating branded Off-The-Rack shirts when it comes to price.

Speed: Speed seems to be the only advantage retail shirts have over tailor made ones. This is the only trade off because tailored shirts have to be measured, cut and customized from a roll of fabric and more importantly, are handmade. I strongly advise against tailors who can deliver within 24 hours. This shows that either the tailor does not have a good volume of orders or the shirts are not meticulously crafted.

Why Are Tailored Shirts Growing In Popularity?
As more competition for tailored shirts enters the market, the price of tailoring a shirt is comparable if not cheaper than many good retail brands for the same if not higher quality of fabric. Here are other advantages of tailored shirts:
Full Customization: At Perfect Attire you can customize your collars, cuffs, additional lining fabric, buttons, thread colors, even down to pocket placement, back details etc. Our tailors spend more time on a single customer and are genuine about the best Custom shirt possible based on the fabric you have chosen.

Optimized Fit: Since everyone's body shape is unique, tailored shirts are measured to fit you. You can choose between a “Close” or “Comfort” fit according to your liking and taste.

Quality: Our fabrics are primarily from Tessitura Monti (Italy) and Soktas (Turkey). There is no compromise on the quality of fabric. Retail fabricspurchase in bulk from smaller mills in developing countries yielding higher profit margins for those brands.

Personalized Service: Every shirt that is crafted is personalized. From buttons to monograms to collar stay each shirt will be a pleasure to wear. Subsequent orders are a breeze compared to going to a retail store since we already have your measurements and personal details. All you're required to do is to pick your fabric and customize. If necessary you can tweak your measurements too.

Aftersales Service: Our true service begins after we have dispatched your shirt. Our “Fit Guarantee” for every customer ensures that we take the risk to nail your fit.

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