10 Home Decor Secrets Revealed

Posted by Edward on October 11th, 2015

As they say, ‘Home is where the heart is’. This statement can be interpreted in certain ways but the essence of the statement indeed is that home has a profound impact on the person. It should be reflective of the owner’s taste, liking, dislikes, and predilection and should complement their personality. Home decor is something that should be appealing, personal and most importantly comfortable.

Like all home makers will tell you, the decor department isn’t that easy as it seems. There’s a lot more to it than what meets the eye.

We have a comprehensive list of 10 home decor secrets revealed. Here they are:

  1. Clichés are best avoided: Would you want your home to be a replica of someone else’s? Definitely not! Therefore, the golden rule is not to do anything that is conventional. The more personal the feel, the better it is. If you live in Rajasthan, it is not important to have mirrors all around you if you know what I mean.
  1. Personal corner: You can choose a corner in your home which could be a staircase or any small portico and put pictures of all near and dear ones. You can even make it edgy by putting candid photographs. You will always have a smile on your face each time you pass by.
  1. Don’t overdo: Well, it is absolutely crucial to have breathing space. Do not create a cramped up space by putting together everything you like. The trick is to organise everything in a better manner and keep it tasteful at the same time. Even when you consider tiles for home, mix it up!
  1. Splash of colour: Without one shadow of a doubt, you must have a vibrant feel to your home by all means. This doesn’t mean to colour it in rainbow shades but of course, splashes of colour add that quirky feel to the entire home. A wall with intelligent blend of colours, personalized digital tiles, vibrant cushions and a creative piece of furniture could do the trick.


  1. Light it up: Candles and vintage lamps (they are not super-expensive) add that charm to your house. It is a statement in itself and glams up your abode during parties and get-togethers by giving you that sense of sophistication you always craved for.
  1. Garden: A well kept garden does add distinct flavour to your home. Gardening is a good hobby and keeps you closer to nature. Also, you can add certain fun furniture pieces in the garden to add distinctness. Garden is an extension of your home and the first thing that catches attention. And you know how important good first impressions are, don’t you?
  1. Monochromes: Do one section of your home with a single colour. How about white? It looks sophisticated, elegant and is extremely serene. White is anything but dull. Of course, periodical maintenance is required, but that is the cost one pays in order to obtain a brilliant living space. 
  1. Mix it up: You don’t need to follow a theme for decorating your home. You can have an eclectic mixture of library and gizmos or a vintage piece of furniture with a bean bag or wall tiles with caricatures that describe your passion. It will look amazing if done the right way!
  1. Wallpaper: There are amazing wallpapers to choose from and you must absolutely invest in some tasteful ones. Unfurl the passion inside you!

Always remember to keep it simple. Excess of everything is bad, and home decor is one of those ‘things’ as well. Just go with your gut and do what comes naturally to you, keeping the comforts of you and your family under consideration.  

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