GC Precision Mold - Nobody Does Aluminium Die Casting Better Than Them

Posted by John Larson on May 23rd, 2021

Are you looking for only the best Aluminium die casting for your products? Are you looking for a company that uses only state-of-the-art technology and machinery to manufacture Die casting China products? Are you looking for a firm that has a long history of international supply and the most solid reputation?

The answer is right here with you. GC Precision Mold Co.Ltd. is the aluminium die casting manufacturer in China that makes the best and number one quality die casting parts that it supplies all over the world. Because it carries assembly operations in its own plant, it also ensures protection of the intellectual property of its clients' products and projects.

Aluminium Die Casting

GC Precision Mold specializes in Vacuum Aluminium Die Casting, a process that's native to China and an unparalleled method of Die casting China. It's used to make various products such as Marine Components, Automotive components, Sports Equipment Components and much more.

Zinc Die Casting

Another specialization of GC Precision Mold is Zinc Die casting. It is characterized by forcing molten zinc under high pressure into a mold cavity, which is then machined into two hardened tool steel dies. It's used to make Computer components, Bathroom fittings, Lighting enclosures and much more.

Apart from these, GC Precision Mold also uses different methods to manufacture a variety of components and products.

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