Authentication and Legalization of Canadian Degrees and Diplomas in Canada

Posted by johnalter on October 12th, 2015

In order to use your educational documents for various purposes in other countries, it is very important that each and every document goes through a certain process, which is often referred to as authentication and legalization, Attestation canada or attestation. Regardless of the term being used, the fact remains that it is pointing to the same process. This process allows your educational documents, such as college diplomas and university degrees can be used in your intended country. For instance, if you are planning to go to UAE, then these documents may be needed and required by the embassy of UAE in Canada.

Why the Need?

Document authentication refers to the certification of genuineness of the seal, position or the signature of an official who is equipped with the authority to issue, execute or certify documents, so that such documents  which has been issued, executed or otherwise certified in a certain jurisdiction can be recognized in a different jurisdiction. However, it should be noted that this process does not certify the legality, genuineness or credibility of the documents and the contents.

The requirements for authentication and document legalization actually vary from one country to another. Therefore, before sending in your documents, it is highly recommended to contact the embassy of UAE in Canada first, or the consulate or the high commission of the country where these said documents will be used in order to determine whether there is a need for the authentication of such documents.

The Process Involved

The process involved in document legalization and authentication is two-fold. First, you need to have your documents authenticated at the Department of Foreign Affairs.  Afterwards, they should be legalized at the embassy of UAE in Canada. The DFAIT as well as the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Canada (if you are going to Saudi Arabia) will be expected to come up with very specific requirements for the process of legalization of your educational documents. Going through this process can provide the assurance that all of these requirements are effectively met while the actual processing of your documents is rightly done.

For instance, in order to process document legalization for any college diploma or University degree, the embassy of UAE in Canada has posted a requirement that the educational institution where you have completed such education send them directly official transcripts in sealed envelope. Without these transcripts on their hand, the embassy has the right to refuse your college diploma or University degree. There are also instances wherein you need to avail of professional assistance in order to get a Power of Attorney for use abroad.

Before traveling abroad or making any arrangements for it, it is important to make sure that the documents have already been authenticated since Canadian embassies and missions are not able to do so. Legalization Service Centre is here to help you!!

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