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As per the Singapore in few offenses immediate arrest can happen, it means one can be arrested even without a warrant. An immediate arrest can happen in the case of robbery, drug, theft, rape, cause of severe hurt and drug consumption. However, to arrest in the non-arrestable offense warrant is required to arrest the suspect. For example, after a police complaint is made related to the case of intended causing hurt, police will do the required investigation to decide whether the arrest is required or not.

In the arrest procedure in Singapore, the police are the reasonable force behind it. Handcuffs can also be employed. In addition to all this person getting arrest can ask the office for his/her identification proof and the reason behind his/her arrest.

If required the accused may get searched for arrest. To search women suspect women police office is required, as per the section 83 of the Singapore Criminal Procedure Code. After arriving at the police station, the accused can consult their lawyer and is also allowed to speak to their family members in the reasonable time. However, a police officer can refuse these requests if it will interfere their investigation procedure. Maximum for 48 hours the accused can be detained at the police station. For further detention order from a magistrate is required.

singapore criminal procedure

The police can ask the person to make notice statement or the witness statement. The notice statement is needed when police decided to book charge against accused person. Before police request for the notice statement, notice regarding charge will be submitted to accused in written form to read.

If you want to say something from your side, then you can say at that moment only. If the accused will remain silent at that time regarding the facts in his/her defense then at the time of defense your point will be least considered by the court. It might have a bad effect on the case. Hence, it is advisable to mention your facts at the time of notice statement itself.

As per the accordance with section 23 of Singapore Criminal Procedure Code, accused person has complete right to maintain silence after notice has been read out to him/her. However, the adverse inference might draw from such behavior or silence. In simple words, police might infer guilt from his/her refusal to offer the statement. No matter what the case is or what ground one has been accused one is free to hire the Criminal Lawyers in Singapore to help them in the case or the court proceedings.

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